weed and anorexia

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mikeyVILE, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. i had an idea (its probably been thought of before) but if doctors were to reccomend pot to anorexia patients, and they smoked, they would get the munchies and eat. i mean, when i have the munchies and im eating, i dont even notice it. who knows maybe thats just me.
  2. o i doubt that would work... bus anerexia people are already starving but refuse to eat... it wouldnt do much.
  3. it could play a small but significant roll in helping them. but the psychology behind it would still need to be dealt with, or else they'd simply realise that the cannabis is going to help them eat, and stop taking it.

    i suffer from a lack of appetite and its a constant struggle to keep what little weight i have on, cannabis helps me, but then i'm different from anorexics because i realise i need to eat more and want to gain weight.
  4. aaaanyways, munchies lead to junk food, junk food leads to heart disease, and heart disease leads to death :D

    weed is lethal people, wake up, lol

    digit: same problem. some 65Kg and 1.80m high. too thin, i know i could need more weight, but i've been like this since i can remember. it's just me. to get more "normal" eating a lot won't help, you'll just get a beer-belly (oddly, i don't have that either, well, ok, a small one), what you (me) need is physical excersise, bulking up. start training and your body will crave more proteins to build muscle mass. but then you're basically fucked. those muscles will turn to fat once you stop training, and training is just such an effort. and i'm too lazy :)

  5. I always heard anorexics see a fat person(literally) in the mirror. I think thats bull shit. They just see themselves as they really are and think they're fat. which they are.
  6. I think they've done that in somewhere, there's a lot of stoners out there and some of them may be in working on such a place, as well as to use with insomnia patients, hyperactive people etc.

    They "see" a "fat" person, because they think they're fat and they always find something wrong with themselves as well as these people who spend hours in front of mirror and people who wash their hands all the time.
  7. that anorexia is a psychological problem, meaning perhaps the patient might WANT to eat, because they know they will die, they just cannot get over this distorted body image their brain has made up. and the chemistry behind munchies, being one that you cannot voluntarily stop, is that your brain thinks your body is low on blood sugar, so you get hungry. and someone that is a regular smoker might recognize this, or the hunger ( i know for me at least ) is not as insatiable as it was when i first began, so perhaps anorexics would not override mary jane as a treatment...unless they were avidly against eating period and did not want to get better, just wanted to rot away. i would think when one gets to some point, they want to eat again to become healthy and not weak, and yet once they get there it could be too far, as in the psychological infatuation with not eating has consumed their entire being. oh well. just a stoned rant.
  8. they dont "see" a fat person as in a hallucination or anything. it doesnt look like a 250lb whale is standing there.

    but theyll see a wrinkle of flab when they bend over and see it as total discusting fat that they HAVE to get rid of. a pinch of skin on the arm, and theyll think that the muscle and skin they are squeazing is fat, and want it out.

    its not so much seeing a fat person, but more TOTALLY focusing on ANY flaw on there body caused by weight/fat.

    like when you sit down and your gut sticks out a bit. doesnt mean your fat, it happens to everyone, but people still worry about it.

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