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Weed and anesthesia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mxrider, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey, I'm getting knee surgery December 5th, and I just wanted to know if anyone has had problems with anesthesia after smoking. Ive havent smoked in probably 10 days 'dry spell :(", but I just wanted to know anyone else has had surgery with weed in their system.

  2. I got a heart transplant while high so you should be straight
  3. Woah! thats crazy, but thanks for replying ive been tweaking out a little bit lol
  4. haha yea I really was...just got done blazin and got called in...there's no set time obviously and I was only on the list for 3 days so it kinda caught me off for that you're out for 3 days straight so yea it's fine
  5. oh and hope it all goes well for ya =)
  6. If its just general anesthesia it should be fine. I got some teeth removed and they knocked me out, i blazed the day before and there werent any complications and there shouldnt be. Theres nothing to worry about, toke on :smoke:
  7. It's been long enough that you should be fine. You don't even need to tell them about the smoking, but they will ask. It does have an effect on the dosage and potency, the two together will either make you go deeper into anesthesia sleep or barely at all. So to anyone thinking weed won't effect surgery with general or local anesthesia are wrong. @OP I wouldn't smoke anymore till after surgery, that's when you need it anyways.

    Good luck hope all goes well. :bongin:
  8. They never asked me

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