Weed and and tobacco

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackfisherman, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Why do people mix these two
  2. They are under a false impression that it will make their weed last longer.
    .2 herb alone or with .1 or .2 tobacco is still only .2 of the good herb.
    Others like the added nicotine buzz, very unhealthy.
    And this is from a dummy that still smokes.

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  3. Sooths out shit weed. Ever get that schwaggy shit that burn your throat? Add a lil tobacco to smooth it out. I have friends in UK an Spain and he said thats how they do it. Making shit weed tolerable...
  4. I use to roll spliffs so I could smoke in public as a teen. Haven’t used nicotine daily in years though, highly addictive and wrecks your body next to payin taxes it’s one of the worse things on the planet.
  5. Nicotine = The MOST addictive substance on the planet.
    It took a near death experience with an exploding colon to force me to finally kick the habit in 2011 and it was a over a year after that before I finally stopped eyeballing every cig butt in the gutter thinking wow that still has a few drags left on it. I'll pick it up and just hold it a while. :)

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  6. In the empire days both Britain and France both added tobacco to their hash as weed was little around
    recently it has been proven the tobacco caries the weed /THC into your brain further (GOOGLE)than if you just toked a blunt
    this is the real reason why most ciggie and weed tokers have a hard time quitting

    as the tobacco 'rush' then the THC GLOW after really HIT home

    making it serioulsy diificult to quit tobacco

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