Weed and Aliens?

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    Ok so straight up, everytime i smoke way to much weed, i lay down in my bed and listen to trippy music. I get paralyzed and start hallucinating when i close my eyes. I see shit like space and eveytime the music gets louder i feel like im floating in space. Its so hard to explain this because i forget everything unless i reach that level of high again. But from what i remember, i start seeing aliens, not scary looking but very friendly aliens who just want to talk to me. They talk to me about how they control the earth and researching us humans. And how there is a galaxy filled with living creatures. I know i may sound crazy but for real. If i smoke like 2 fat joints i enter a really trippy high feeling. I see shit when i close my eyes and i gotta be listing to music for it to happen. Its really cool and would like to know your guys thoughts on this. Im not a heavy smoker so maybe i get more of the effects?. Also a funny thing, the aliens told me to eat a (forbidden for discussion) so they can fully talk to me about shit. Its so trippy and cool as experience. Keep in mind i gotta get really high to experience this and need to be listing to trippy music.
  2. Sounds like you need to be leery of whatever force you are tapping into. May seem fun and that you are about to be on a whole new level, but most of the "higher consciousness" that show themselves and reach out to you are not what they seem.
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  3. Ah school is out.

    Prepare for some stupid ass threads like this.
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  4. Take yer meds OP...
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  5. How is this stupid? Just sharing my experience. Got nothing to say than gtfo.
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  6. Bro i dont smoke a lot of weed, i can barley finish a joint. And when i did 2 fat joints, i was trippin way to hard
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  7. Dude what do you mean. U just scared shit outta me rn
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  8. Man, i also just remembered. When i saw the aliens right. After a bit i saw my room and i looked up (my eyes were closed) i saw an alien above me crawling towards me. It looked scary and dangerous. I opened my eyes so damn fast.
  9. That's not normal man

    SeNt FrOm My•☆GaL@x¥ $5☆
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  10. Bro for real? I hallucinate when i listen to trippy ass music and i gotta have my eyes closed. I dont just see aliens. Like i see what ever my mind wants me to see. Its so hard to explain
  11. Many beings masquerade as light creatures. It's chill man, just open your mind, then you get fucked hardcore because you bought a deception. Just be careful.
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  12. Y
    Your wording is making it sound like i really encountered aliens. Bro i was high as fuck, it was all in my head.
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  13. Feel free to believe what you'd like.

    "aliens" is such a vague word.
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  14. "Trippin, way to hard"...

    Look my dude it's like this.... Ganja gets you high. It's good you're a light weight to be honest. I love being a light weight myself. But you never know how it is going to hit you. Sounds to me like you just might want to rethink the idea of you being a stoner. I mean, it comes down to this... Either the aliens are real or they aren't. Either way you're fucked. You smell what you're stepping in?
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  15. I had hallucinations when I closed my eyes from smoking it was same night did my first dab good times and I'm curious on what kinda music you're listening too
  16. Just type up on youtube. Listen when high. The music will give u a mad trip
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    Hehe the internet making you mad?
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  18. Listen Jehovah's Witness™ Yes there are demons but not every experience is a demon posing as a ghost or alien. Most of these experiences are actual aliens or ghosts.
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  19. Maybe you're just a nutcase op

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