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Weed and alcohol?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justin127, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So, twice now, including last night, i drank and smoked in the same night. Both times i drank then smoked (wasn't trashed before smoking, just mildy drunk.)
    Well, the first time, I split a dime bag with 4 other people. I took maybe 4 hits out of a joint, and got the highest i ever gotten.
    Last night while i was pretty drunk, I was walking home and saw a car that looked like it was being domed out. I couldn't help my curiosity, so i knocked on the window and saw a kid blazin in their. So i brought some weed over and domed out his car. This time, i only took about 3 hits out of a small pipe (somewhat small hits). Again, i was extremely high, (The 3 and 4 hits I took would normally just give me a buzz.)
    Now to get back on topic, why does it take so much less weed to get me high while theirs alcohol in my system? What does the alcohol do to actually make you get higher with less bud.
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    Not sure of the specific science behind it, but alcohol is classified as a Downer drug, and marijuana has downer characteristics as well. You're body is already feeling relaxed, and your mind is already in that party mode or drunk mode so adding a little MJ makes it seem like adding a lot. They are also different, so after drinking for a few hours and letting that buzz catch up, when you smoke weed you're brain is now introduced to a new substance and the mind shifts over from being drunk to high, even though you're still buzzed/drunk.

    However, if you keep this routine up you will build a tolerance to the two combined, so you'll start to notice over the months/years that it's less and less.

    But, I say you can never go wrong with alcohol + weed. Great combination honestly.
  3. I'm not sure specifically but I know that when I take a few shots of Vodka before blazing I definately feel wayyy higher than I would have gotten without it.
  4. Thats fucked up to knock on somes window while they are hotboxing.
  5. He didn't care, but in my defense i wouldn't have done that if i wasnt drunk..
    Also now i got a kid to blaze with at 2 in the morning on my block so its chill

  6. Interesting article right?
  7. Everybody likes to get a little twisted. Weed + alcohol = fun times.
  8. I drank after i smoked once and it totally killed my high. Then again, I don't like alcohol at all. Never trying that again.
  9. Yeah man.
  10. Lol yea i agree, I would still rather just smoke though.. I like how its pretty much really high, but more confident and you dont get tired lol
  11. It did not "kill" your high, it just made it go dormant. The solution: smoke more weed!
  12. i dont drink much, but i used to. back when i did i would only do it when high. i just dont like to be drunk without being high too.

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