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Weed and Airports

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Howl, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I'm going to Spain from St. Louis on Wednesday and I need to bring a backpack. I store my weed in my backpack and one of the pockets smells really dank. If I take the backpack I will remove all the paraphernalia and weed, but I doubt it will quit smelling and there is likely to be small scradiblits. Just wondering if I should be good or should I plan on bringing a different backpack?
  2. Just came back from spending a month in Spain. Dude, Spain is the best place to score. Don't even bother taking a risk on the plane.
    Barcelona you can ask anyone on the beach and you'll get hooked up.
    In Madrid, ask anyone at the parks for hashish or marihuana and you'll get hooked up. Good quality and I'd say 40% less cost than in the U.S. Got a few grams of hash for 10 euros a gram, so like $13 a gram! I love spain herb!
  3. Unless you have a card and are traveling from MMJ state to MMJ state. NO. but if you are see below.

    [ame=]Medical Marijuana Now Allowed in Airports - YouTube[/ame]
  4. i mean if your bag just smells like weed nd you have no bud or paraphernalia in your bag then you'll be good. they'll most likely hassel you about it tho if its really stink and they suspect your holding then there gonna complicate things, and make a big deal outta nothin so id just bring a new backpack. just to avoid all troubles and get to your flight faster and without being hasseld.
  5. they cant do anything if it just smells like bud, just make sure there's no weed or pieces and you will be fine. they may search you which will sorta make it a hassle, but overall you will be fine.

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