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weed and adhd / weed making you restless?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by vaporbabe, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Hey dudes! Sometimes when I get high, I feel pretty restless like I can't get into a comfortable position. I'm thinking that its either because I have adhd, or just because its a thing that happens when you're high. All my friends are light smokers, so I couldn't really ask them.
    So what do you think? Do any of you without adhd also sometimes feel restless when you smoke?
  2. It can depend a lot on what strains you're using. Indicas are good for restlessness.
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  3. Due to cannabis being illegal, people bred for higher and higher thc to get the most potent strains to sell. Now just about every strain in the dispensaries are super high THC. You just need to find that correct balance of cbd to thc.

    It's pretty great to learn about terpenes too and how they can help you relax or not. I'm sure you are familiar with them but if not, they are the "essence" of the plant in my opinion. You know how it is when you eat certain foods and before it even hits your mouth, you know if it's going to be delicious or not. Cannabis is the same and your body knows what strain you need from sniffing them first. Finding the right terpene is the trick. With you, I would say you could use something high in caryophyllene. (same terpene that is in black pepper) Ask a knowledgeable budtender to help you out..
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  4. Thats pretty cool! I've known about terpenes but never gave them much mind, but the way you explained it made a lot of sense! Thanks for the recommendation, too. :)
  5. Here is a great podcast that discusses terpenes. Super interesting. And just so you know, there are more than dudes on this site. ;)
    Episode 11 - Cannabinoids and Terpenoids in Detail with guest Dr. Ethan Russo
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  6. cool! I was actually looking for some new podcasts to listen to. And I am also a 'not dude' ahaha im just a girl that calls everyone a dude.
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  7. I have adhd and to be honest I could fall asleep with a Sativa if I wanted to but I tho k what was said before was correct. You should try a strain with more cbd if you can. You could just have that reaction with thc. If you can’t find a strain with high cbd I recommend growing your own.

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  8. I have ADHD too and I can say some strains make me really restless and others get rid of my restlessness. It really all depends on your mood, how you're feeling when you're sober, and what strain you get. AT least that's what I get from my experiences.

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