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  1. Hey guys I'm wondering if any of you guys have any experience with bringing weed with you on an amtrak train trip. I'm heading home for summer and I was thinking about bring home a stash of dank Philly weed(1.5 oz give or take a few gs) to sustain my summer smoking needs but I wanted to think it out first.
    I'm traveling from Philly-NY-Syracuse and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in carrying weed in Philly and/or NYC. I mean I have brought a couple of grams with me but never this quantity. I know that there are sometimes dogs, but, I'm under the impression that they are strictly there for bomb detection purposes?
    I plan on having all of it in mason jars and wrapping them up in clothes so I think I could be fine, but, I wanted to see if anyone who has done this before can tell me if this is a wise idea or not.

  2. I took a train from Tampa to Orlando with amtrack and brought 2gs with me for a dance galvin dance concert. I double bagged it, the second bag with some powdery charcoal in it, then wrapped it in a dryer sheet, tucked it in my bra. I didnt have a problem. They didnt even make me open my purse or carry on. I went in blind not knowing and I lucked out.
    Its always stupid to bring weed with you anywhere but we all do.
  3. I've gone from Savannah, GA to Orlando, FL with an oz on me so you should be alright if you make sure to hide the scent
  4. Alright thanks for easing my doubts. Figured mason jars plus putting them in baggies plus wrapping in clothes would do the trick but wanted to be sure since I'm 6'5 190 so let's just say ik what will happen to me in jail lol

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  5. damn you could probably just step on them since your so tall tgough

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    Used a foodsaver to vacuum pack some and traveled from NY to FL no problems. I even passed a dog in DC and no issues except getting nervous for about 2 minutes.

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