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Weed amplifying sadness?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Ok well I am really stoned smoked 1 gram of mids to myself after not smoking for awhile and I decided to watch scrubs season 8 episode two and it was the saddest fucking thing I've ever seen and I strated to break down crying. THis has never happened to me. I literally have tears running down my face and I bet this scene isnt even sad sober wtf anyone experience this before?

  2. If your question is whether or not weed amplifies sadness, then yes, I have heard of many cases where this has happened to people (including my GF). Perfectly normal.
  3. Never happened to me, but maby it was because you were thinking harder and deeper, you realized how sad the eposide was.
  4. exactly. if ur sad when ur high ur gonna be really sad, if ur happy then ur gonna be really happy. it amplifies emotion.
  5. Weed amplifies just about every feeling you experience before you're high.

    You can use that to your advantage though if you're going through an issue you can't solve. Similar to how lsd and peyote work for soul searching stuff.
  6. Yes, I've definitely experienced this before. Notably during the movie Up, very sad movie (well I think so anyway, only saw it once and I was very blazed).

  7. I think it's a very sad movie regardless of whether or not you're blazed... that's what I hear at least :smoking:
  8. no offence but i think u have problems if u cry over a TV show while high.. sorry bro, weed doesnt amplify sadness unless u like sit there and fuckin dawn on things or ur emo, idk man thats very odd.
  9. It also might be because you smoked mids... Stick to those headies and you'll always be feelin' great!:smoking:
  10. must of been a sad episode? lol i sometimes get that way when i watch forrest gump all the way through

  11. No. I walked in on my friends brother crying to Titantic once while he was smoking a bowl, it was the most pathetic thing i've ever seen, he was sitting there sniffing and wiping his face as he put the glass bowl to his mouth and sparked it.
  12. I have never had an experience like yours. Even sad shit seems strangely funny to me when I'm smoking.

    Even if I'm angry, or sad before I toke, it doesn't amplify those emotions for me. It eliminates them. That said though, I don't usually toke when I'm upset. I don't want to feel like I'm smoking weed to escape emotion.
  13. haha that shits funny
  14. It depends where your at in your life. Usually weed makes me really happy, but when I'm upset about something that has happened to me or others, I get even more bitter after I smoke.
  15. Lol, + rep.

  16. LOL. This is going in my sig, haha.
  17. Lol sorry bro that sucks.. I've experienced it before, but I was already really upset about something and I was smoking some dirt weed.. I have since moved on to only smoking really good stuff. Mostly sativas.. I'm happy most of the time and I'm really messed up over some stuff that happened recently. Very good for depression.

    I have been smoking Easy Ryder lately and I've just gotta say it's my current favorite strain. It's soooo good.. Only takes a small bit and I'm soaring for a long time.. Seriously, really long lasting high and its so happy and creative. I love it. :smoke:
  18. Well, on my birthday last year I got a half o and went to stay at my dad's place out in the country, smoked bowl after bowl and got stoned as hell then I got into the whiskey and I was on SSRI's and blacked out, all I remember is being stoned and enjoying some drinks and laying down watching T.V. and thought I went to bed, I woke up the next morning and smoked a bowl and started crying for no reason, lol. I think it was tears of happiness, it was very strange to me, I say I THINK because I have never cried from being happy before, lol. Don't know what I was so happy about..

    But then I talked to my dad and he told me that yesterday he came in from outside and there was a big wet spot in the middle of the living room and he heard me in the bathroom having a conversation with someone and the shower was running, I came out in soaking pants and asked him if I could borrow some clothes, lol.
  19. Pot can amplify anything...
  20. lol its just a really sad episode of scrubs. I've seen it too and was like man that sucks, but it's fake so w/e.

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