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Weed Affecting The Undeveloped Brain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by treeisformee, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. So i have heard that weed can cause damage to the brain while its still developing. and i know that the brain isnt fully developed until a person is about 25 years old. this kind of concerns me whereas im not 25 yet. but i just want to make sure that i am no causing any major harm to my brain.

  2. it doesnt cause brain damage exactly but i have heard it stunts brain development (not harming the brain but preventing it from reaching its maximum capability as it develops). Not sure if its true but im pretty sure i read some research on it.
    "For example, some studies have suggested one component, cannabidiol, may actually have neuroprotective effects."
    [SIZE=15.199999809265137px]I figure that as long as your use is under control, you will be fine. Plus, remember to actually use your high, instead of watching Netflix, perhaps you could use your creativity. Read up on some interesting stuff and draw too.[/SIZE]
  4. This. I get into that lethargic mode right in the morning and it sure doesn't help me throughout the day ha. It's real hard to get off my lazy ass but when i do i must day my head feels real clear, burnout non existant.

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  5. I dont know i call bullshit, weed doesnt cause brain damage in general so why on developing brain? Prob another propaganda to scare majority of cannabis users... teenagers

    Plus i heard brains done developing at age 12.. from then on its up to you educated yourself or whatever
  6. Uh huh... I was following you right up until you said the brain was done developing at 12 then I couldn't stop laughing.
  7. Other sectors in the brain don't stop developing until you reach your mid-late 20's. There was a pseudo-article how Cannabis affect the psychological state of children under the age of 18 but then the scientists claimed they weren't sure. 
    OP has nothing to worry about, a lot of false myths have been dis-proven by scientific articles with background research. You're taking one of the best harmless drugs in the ladder of stimulants. 
    It also doesn't kill brain cells either, it replicates them. I could spare you a article if you want. 
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    I remember reading a study where it said smoking weed at a young age was bad for brain growth since your brain is underdeveloped..
    Honestly it's common sense guys.  Doing drugs before your brain is fully developed (especially alcohol for example) will prevent some positive growth.  That being said, I believe moderation and balance is the key to everything.  Weed in moderation seems like a fairly harmless drug.  But if you're high 24/7 from age 12 to 25, that's definitely going to prevent your brain from being as high functioning as it could be IMO.
  9. im so fucked then i start smokin when i was 11. That would explain my mediocre grades..
  10. A lot of things that are harmless in adults effect children differently. I don't know how exactly weed effects brain development, but I'd avoid it until you're at least 16. I think its fucked up how some kids start when they're only like 9. can't be good. 
  11. Mommy!!! Treesisformee is making fun of my under developed brain again! I'm telling the teacher on you....Meanie poopy pants!
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    It actually promotes brain development, and well pretty much everything.
    I know someone who smoked the entire time they were pregnant with their first child, and didn't smoke a single day of their second pregnancy.
    The difference between the intelligence, and motor skills of these two children is so substantial that you'd just be re-fucking-tarded to try and say that marijuana is detrimental to the development of anything.
    This kid(marijuana) isn't even a year old yet, and said her first words within a week of being born, and is walking, climbing, and jumping. The other one(clean) is just average at best. He does seem to have a talent for crawling on his hands and feet though.

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