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weed... a gateway drug?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Jblaze420, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. I think it depends on how you look at the word gateway.. I have been smoking for almost 8 years now and have never tried anything harder then mushroomz... The way that marijuana is sort of a gateway drug is that where u go to get weed there might be other drugs going on. So it is a gateway to where other drugs are.. it doesnt mean that since u somke weed then you'll do crack....it is a gateway because it brings these other drugs around you...
    and now with all of these STUPID commericials about supporting terrorism if u smoke weed...thats all bullsh*t.. I know where half of the weed i get comes from: either my friends and I grow it.. or it comes form canada.... but marijuana for the most part is still, "THE DEVILS WEED"...
    doesnt bother me though:)
  2. if marijuana is a gateway drug....

    i'd be willing to bet that most people (i'm not so sure, but i know it applies for me and all my friends) cigs and/or alcohol came before marijuana... so what's REALLY the gateway drug?

    how far back can you go?

    i tried cigs, and it wasnt for me, i still drink occaisionally but weed is DEFINITElY my drug of choice, i use it most every day, and i'm still a perfectly functioning member of society
  3. man my mom knows i smoke but dosent like it. so the other day she gave me this article that says weed is a gateway drug. but in the people they tested they didnt say if the people had started on caffiene or cigs or alcohol. it was a totally bogus study and i tried to tell my mom and she started yelling at me and told me to come back to reality. i think it scares her that it is illegal and i could get caught doing it. sucks though man
  4. gateway drug??
    more like getaway drug
  5. i think it depends on the person ... people who would have done harder drugs ... would have done them before weed ... and yeah ... they prolly started off cigs and alchohol ...

  6. Well.. I'd say caffeine.

    And yeah.. the bullshit propaganda machine is in full swing after 9-11. I'm just glad we have people out there who put commercials out about how buying GASOLINE also contributes to terrorism (and to a greater effect, IMO).

    So.... I guess that would make every single person with an automobile a contributor to terror. Big fuckin' deal. We still have to deal with the terrorists.

    My theory on why marijuana is slightly a "gateway" drug:

    We have been told since our early days in school that marijuana is a dangerous killer. Once we find out that they were not truthful with us regarding marijuana... then we wonder what else they've been fibbing about.

    And this commercial that shows a bunch of kids getting busted in the school bathroom for smoking in the stall (how fuckin' stupid of them anyway?).

    At the end it says "Marijuana, harmless?". Excuse me.. but I believe it was the COPS doing the harm there. If it's the law that is the biggest danger of smoking pot.. well then does it really need to be illegal in the first place?

    Not that I support smoking at school at all.. it's just the whole message of the commercial is BULLSHIT!
  7. the only thing that i can actually see weed having an effect on me as a gateway was cigarettes..

  8. lol, thats sad! ewwwwwwie!
  9. when I was really young, like grade 4-5, me and my pals used to roll up peices of paper and smoke them.

    i can remember once saying i wish there was something in the paper, so i guess paper was my gateway drug! hahha, little kids are stupid
  10. smoking papers, good one :)

    Naw, weed isn't a gateway drug, that's just propaganda. of the millions who toke on a regular basis, only a handfull do other shit. that is personality and social situation kicking in (peer pressure maybe)

    if you want to label something as a gateway drug, i'd say xtc and amphetamines fits the bill. most kids who go on to be hard-core drug-abusers these days started with the socalled party dope at raves. oh, and they were drunk too.
  11. That is stupid shit the government puts out.....the only thing that is gateway to other drugs is your own self not marijuana.

  12. yeah... it is

    it started off as "after toke".. and then after a while i wanted the head rush all the time.. and now it just makes me feel relaxed..er...?

    when i dont have a joint i need a smoke, thats just the way it goes.. so until i got a job and im rollin in buddah, im a smoker
  13. Marijuana is not a gateway drug, boredom is, think about it when you sit around and do something boring, how could i have fun in this situation and then it pops in your head about other shit and man i have been smoken since 13 and the hardest drug i have done is shrooms and that was at a dave matthews concert(im 23)
  14. I think alcohol would be the gateway drug. Well not "gateway" as in leading to other/harder drugs but just the fact that when you are drunk, you are more prone to try stupid things so you might do coke or speed or something of the bunch becuz you can. Weed is certainly not a gateway drug.
  15. marijuana is what you make of it. however i can see how some people could say it's a gateway drug, but what are cigarrettes themselves?! a gateway drug. i took a puff off a cig before a puff of some dope. lots of times the gateway itself are your peers. the gateway itself is in your mind. you see people getting fucked up having a good time, makes u want to try it. the marijuana didn't make you try new things. maybe the war on drugs should focus their complaints on the human mind rather than one of gods fruits.
  16. in a way its a gateway drug...but i think its ur own damn choice to go for those other drugs
  17. "everyone knows it leads to other things"

    "well, yeah...mainly junk food" hahahaha

    ...I really want to go to that DEA museum..have you guys heard of this? They have a museum with pictures of car wrecks and shit...and it tells you what they were taking. This accident killed 4 people and the driver was stoned. When in fact he probably got stoned two weeks earlier..and even then...they probably don't have any drunk driving wrecks in there. That would be fun though..go in..laugh at all their shit. What a fuckin waste of tax money.
  18. Nobody is gonna start out on heroin
    Weed maybe the first drug they try becuase it fukin weed, but weed doesnt make you want to take harder drugs
    If alcohol was called a drug it would be considered the gateway drug
    They do harder drugs becuase they want to weed has nothing to do with it
  19. Man, weed has definitely been a gateway drug for me....

    It lead me to hot pockets and funyuns :smoke:

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