Discussion in 'General' started by Don vito, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. yea im looking for a youtube like website that has interesting stuff to watch not just people brodcasting them self's talking back shit i really dont care for.. what i mean about interesting stuff is um anything from ALIENs to telekinesis to our history.. to anything really. also videos about everything on marijuana and shrooms..
  2. It's called television.

    I personally don't recommend it, but it seems like it would fit your needs.
  3. then go to the audio/video forums and you will find things that will haunt your memories
  4. ah ah ah ah were you trying to be funny or you just being a douche:hello:
  5. No, you asked me where you can readily find videos on a wide range of vapid subjects.

    I happen to know of an unceasing source of banal entertainment; TELEVISION!

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