Website to buy A hookah?

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  1. i wanna buy a hookah :D i have smoked out of them enough to say that they are fucking awesome i dont know where a good website would be :bongin:confusion begins when i search it on google so i turn to my fellow blades :smoke: i was gonna go out shopping today but instead i decieded to just order some shit online its all good (in the hood)
  2. i need a 3 hose hookah fro like around 50$ :D
  3. 3 hoses for 50 bucks is a bit cheap, why not just buy one with 1 hose and pass it around?

  4. My Mya totaled out at like 150.
    Hookah = $100
    2 Extra hoses = $20
    5 Packs of coals = $10
    500g of assorted shishas = $20
    (got them to throw in a 3 pack of the metal trays for the top but i dont use them much. Tin Foil all the way!)

    Gotta love the LHS:hello:
  5. Try, I got a great 2 hose mya hookah with 100g free shisha and two free packs of coals. The free swag they send you is top grade as well.

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