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  1. So me and a few friends are trying to put forth a small local company. I have web design experience, more with forum based websites. Anyway I wanted to know some opinions so far of the layout,text,pictures, what I could add, what I should take away, how easy was it for you to find everything(I know there isn't much right now) but I will be adding a shop, order, and customer service "tab" later as we have more product. Thanks for the opinions.

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    So far what you have looks okay and straightforward. You might want to give it a slightly flashier look though.
    I think you might want a better picture for the home page. A picture with a better angle (or no angle) and better lighting. Currently the lighting makes some of the text hard to read.
    Also I would say get a better picture for the contact page. Maybe something that fits "contact" better, but also because the current one looks bad due to how it stretches (it looks like it has a small resolution size).
  3. Thanks for your opinions it really helps. :)
  4. Just a few things I would suggest:
    • Find a new theme. There are a loot of good, more vibrant design options for a website in your niche than flat grey.
    • Ditch the text logo. Even a super simple image saying "Glerb Extracts" would do.
    • If you want to stick with the grey, use more contrast with the text and images. 
    If you need some help, I'm always happy to help a stoner in need.  :smoke:
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    1. The pictures need some work.
    [SUB]None of them are in focus and the shots themselves aren't all that great. Make sure you don't place white text over a white picture.[/SUB]
    2. Change the theme to a lighter, possible 'greenier' color.
    3. Fix your typos.
    [SUB]But I guess this is just a mockup.[/SUB]
    4. Try and use more professional language.
    It seems pretty bare bones and I can't really make any other judgements about it. This is a cool idea though and I hope everything works out. :^)
  6. here's a random free template:
    if i was a potential client in need of some web design (development) work... and i came to your site vs the site that looks like the one in the template... 
    i believe that design has to be unique, but when you are just starting grab a professional looking template (modify it, if you feel you need to) and focus on getting those first few clients.
    having a web site is 1% of the business... 
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    Thanks for all your opinions. It's just a rough mock up for now, I am also experimenting around without templates aswell. Thanks again.
    EDIT:  Already have local clients just trying to branch out now. I am still new to the wax game, but people seem to like what I/we make.  
  8. Nice start, man. Just work on your good design principles. Just move that text outside of the picture, or re-align it within so it's not over that little glare-like area. Do you got a graphics guy? Have him try making up a template you could implement into your page, so you can have a nicer menu and such. I didnt spend a whole lot of time on there, what are you using to implement your order processing?

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