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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LongDong, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. this is probably not the right place to post this, but im an apprentice in need of some enlightenment by the great ones so i decided to post here. I need to find out for sure how much money i should be paying for my weed in chicago because im pretty sure im getting ripped off. I tried to google it and the best choice was and it won't load. I was wondering if this happens to everyone or just me. I also sent a link to one of my friends and they also had the same problem with the website. Could someone help me out or just tell me chicago prices for weed. I get a gram of dank for $25 and from another dealer i get an eighth for $10 high schwags.
  2. well do you like smokin shwag? those seem to be reasonable prices for a big city like the windy city. i wouldnt be complaining, it could be far worse. Just buy Eighths of Dank
  3. Yeah, I think that WBH got taken down or something, perhaps the server's on the fritz. Hasn't been working lately, which is a shame.
  4. damn, sucks to hear wbh is down. And no, i prefer not to smoke schwag i want that dank nug man. I dont even know if the dank dealer sells eighths and if he did it would probably be like $80.
  5. as for's all about connections man. Sometimes you're gonna pay more because the guy is an asshole/out for profit/is third-,fourth-, or fifth-hand from the grower. The closer you are to a grower, the better prices you will get. It also doesn't hurt to meet nice dealers instead of a lot of these so-called gangbangin' punks that try to act hard because they push.
  6. actually im getting the schwag from a gangbanger's sister who is in my school and they are really nice to me lol. Its like gangbanger brickweed and its actually not too bad. As for the dank dealer, word has it that he gets it from the mayor of chicago's nephew.
  7. hahahah. Well, it is Illinois, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some interesting ties to government. ;]
  8. i live by chicago and 25 a gram is a bit steep unless its like bomb ass shit but 20 a gram is about highest it is but an eigth is around 45-75 and if your gunna pay 75 then its probably a rip off but i did once and i was not dissapointed so just really depends on your hookups and for quater ounces 100 is the most ive payed for one and these are all prices of dank not regs,or scwagg

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