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Web Strands in my Herb?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dougboy, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hello folks, newb here.

    I picked up some mids from a new source a few days ago and everything looked pretty good and smokes well too. But after being bored and decided to mess around with some macro photography, I noticed there are strands of web in it. Is this normal? Should i be worried? You can see it if you look closely

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Lol @ mids.

  3. that definitely is not mids haha
  4. Those aren't mids hahaha, but check through for mites, and just pick those off.
  5. These aren't the mids you are looking for.
  6. It doesn't mean it is definite mites. I have picked up bags with a few tiny white strands of lint or whatever. I would just pull them off. If the bud looks fine I am sure its fine.
  7. I thought about pulling them out but they are so tiny that its pretty much impossible to see with the naked eye, and nearly impossible to pick (even with needle nose pliers). Just smoke away and not worry too much?

    Sorry for being a noob and not familiar with classifications but this stuff was only $50 for 1/4 here in Toronto. Honest truth, not troll attempt. Magnification makes everything look so much better haha
  8. is it wet? recently harvested? could be mold spores starting to form. if so just leave it out of a baggy just on a counter or shelf and let it dry out before you smoke it
  9. When you said webs in your bud, I lol'd and immediately thought hemp fibers. Then I looked at the pic. You really do have WEBS in your bud. :eek:
  10. at first i thought he was trolling, saying the trichs on his "mids" were webs lol

    but i think those webs are just really fine strands of dust, like cobwebs or something. i wouldnt worry about it.
  11. yea thats either lint or just some other little dust particles..nothing horrible and if you cant blow/pick them off, dont bother. Other than that, great pickup for the price!
  12. yeah i see it,probably made from spider mites
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone. Ya, it is a little moist and not properly cured yet. I'll just let it dry a bit more if anything.
  14. As the others have said, spider mites.

    The grower probably killed them a little too late, after they had the chance to spin a few webs.

    The fact that there isnt more means the grower killed them before it got worse, so not much to worry about.
    Just pull the strands off if you see em, but they wont kill you if you smoke some.

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