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    Any web developers here interested in working with some of my projects? :p

    I've asked in various coding forums, but always seem to find the "lesser" folks offering up their services.

    Anyway, thought it might not hurt to toss it out there. I need all sorts of help (developers, designers, etc.) for a po-dunk game company (text-based games) for browser/mobile platforms.

    StudioEZ.com - Game Network (if I can't post links, sorry :x)

    and our only game online (which has proven to be pretty successful already :p)

    .:: MafiaSpeak - StudioEZ.com ::.

    Thanks for reading, and sorry if this teeters on any rule-edges ;D


    I suppose I didn't mention, either. I'm just looking for general input if you aren't a developer xD

    Feel free to let me know what you think (good or bad).
  2. What would you like done? I've done a lot of PHP/SQL scripting, and some ASP.
  3. Just take a look around and tell me what you'd be interested in. We need people to "recruit" players, people to keep up the game, manage studioez.com, graphics, etc.

    What do YOU feel like doing? XD
  4. What sort of data is available from the game that we could use in the coding, and what form is the game data in server side? Stuff like player stats, item drops, etc.

    I was considering a forum integrated with player stats, real-time tournament/contest data, etc. Also, what's your server hardware?
  5. is money involved in these positions?

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