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    Assume the temperature is at least 70 degrees consistently.
  2. 335 posts in 15 days...

  3. OverCast is the best. Specially when it clears later in the day so you get a little bit of everything :smoke:

    I like watching the wall of clouds as the overcast shit comes in..
  4. It is a tie between completely sunny and heavy rain. So consider a +1 vote for heavy rain as well.
  5. rain, sun, clouds... all good with me.

    fuck the fucking snoW lolz.

    but for smokin outside i'd say light rain or a sunny day that isnt too hot.
    60 degrees perfect temperature i dont like it being too hot or too coLd

    being high in cold weather sUcks
  6. Rain or like some one previously said when it's really gloomy and the rain clouds are coming in .... I hate summers here in I.E. . Wish I was still in OC.
  7. I chose Heavy Snow, Blazing in a blizzard is so fun.
  8. Heavy snow all day i love snow
  9. i keep forgetting what the topic is and then i have to go back up and check and then i forget again and its agrivating sometimes ua konw?
  10. Rain, not too heavy but just enough so the sky goes that dark/light dusk quality.
  11. I chose heavy snow or sun never toked in the snow but I want to now
  12. Any sun is a luxury over here.

    True story. I gotta take what I can get.

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