Weather Modification in Irene

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  1. I've been following a guy by the name of Dutchsinse on youtube. He follows all recent earthquakes, tornado and weather phenomena. He has me pretty interested about weather modification being done earlier in the year and this hurricane has me pretty convinced. There is clearly something happening that isn't natural. I think you should see what i'm seeing and judge for yourself.

    Channel: [ame=]8/26/2011 -- INTENSE HAARP RING in Hurricane Irene = weather modification - YouTube[/ame]

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  2. Interesting note:

    This guy's so legit, youtube made him delete 100 of his video's FOR NO REASON and recently a friend of his had an attempt on his life
  3. That's all fear mongering.
  4. Seems like it, but now that it's out in the open, i doubt he'll be taken out. Maybe he'll have a "car accident?"

    This guy's made a lotta accurate predictions and it seems HAARP is connected to more than just weather - earthquakes 'n the such
  5. If he's so good, tell me when he predicts something.

  6. Source?

    It'd be really interesting if true
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    He predicted the japan earthquake. He predicted a 7.0 in Alaska and it happened. Look at his videos. He has predicted countless tornados and their position within 48 hours of touchdown. I expected people to look into it instead of taking my word for it. Thats what science is, isnt it? :rolleyes:He posts all of his links and info in the description and encourages people to look for themselves.

    He talks about the incident with his friend in the beginning

  9. Issue is, a lot of the video's he has as proof were forced to be taken down by youtube. Funny, what are they trying to hide?

    I'm sure he'll have the video's back up in no time ;)
  10. Does he have a website?

    Why doesn't he just upload the raw video to DL then? I mean, unless he's hiding something.

  11. What exactly would be the purpose of this HAARP on a hurricane? What would it do, and what are they trying to alter??
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  13. Really? Not a meteorologist here but I feel like Irene is just following the gulf stream...

    If he has a method and has something to teach perhaps he should teach people in person so that it can be verified. The government controlling the weather is kind of unbelievable to me.
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    sigh, good luck with all that. Personally all I can say is don't waste your time.

    Just because youtube made him take down video's doesn't make him or his theories right. I had a video taken off you tube also, they work via scripts, it's not like they have a team of people trolling around the site looking at uploaded video's. Of course that's not the reason why I think he is talking bunk, it's mainly claims of the evil harrp.

    p.s. project camelot is a bunch of douche bags. The have been at the center of a whole lot of things that aren't true. The most dangerous people are the ones that speak half truths.

    p.p.s.If you really want to know how HARRP works, there is a thread somewhere on here that it was covered.
  15. For every credibility gap there is a gullibility gap.
    -- Richard Cobden
  16. HAARP is over-blown hype that's been used by woo-woos to account for all kinds of conspiracies. It doesn't do what they say, and can't create focussed beams of energy in the way claimed.

  17. Well, I do feel as if the media has been over publicizing hurricane Irene... They usually don't make such a fuss about it. However everywhere I look they are talking about it. I do think theres some implication from this...
  18. i think it's because they're the one section of the country that hasn't really had to deal with these things. Now that they are they are freaking out and they just so happen to have all the major news stations there (the HQ's).

  19. Do you have any evidence for that or do you like to just be the opposing voice?

    If you actually watched the videos you'd see this guys pretty legit..
  20. ^Agreed, I've watched many of this guys videos on YouTube. Its a little eeire that it keeps showing up frequently though.

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