Wearing Dresses?

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  1. Do you think girls should wear dresses more often?
    Why or why not?
    I'm one of those girls who owns a million and never touches them except for when I buy it

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  2. I prefer my girls to be in jeans and a t-shirt honestly. 
  3. better question should asap and kanye be wearing them?
    to answer your question whatever makes the girl Im with feel the prettiest
  4. fuckin a yeah
    dresses are sexy
    I don't like my ladies butch
  5. I wear them when it's uber hot out and jeans would just not cut it. IDK if you bought them might as well rock them right?
  6. You would think. They really only get worn for photo shoots

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  7. It's gotta be said...dresses are sexy.
  8. ima dress fan, i mean i like a woman that can have fun and not be all prissy with me, but after that fun is done i wana see my gf all dolled up!
  9. I could care less. I've been told that I'm inferior for not wearing dresses, though. :confused_2: Is it true dresses are breezy, free, and the most comfortable form of leg wear? I find it hard to believe since dresses are pretty uncommon nowadays.
  10. I'm a dress girl myself I love them. I can pretty much wear a dress for every occasion. I like jeans to but not as much as dresses.
  11. This is probably the most boring conversation I've ever read
    no one forced you to click on it
  13. To me dresses are another form of jeans and a shirt, but then again I went to catholic school and had to wear them 5 days a week for about 12 years. Just rock em and feel free to be yourself, no matter what your wearing.
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    Probably because I'm old-fashioned but I'd like it. But real dresses. Not those tight see through pieces of spandex that girls wear so that their ass hangs out. I only ever really see hipsters and not-so-attractive females wearing real dresses. 
  15. I like dresses sometimes, but I'm a bum and live in yoga pants and tank tops. I like maxi skirts. I hate short dresses/skirts and its hard to find a nice long one.
  16. Just saying, girls can wear dresses as well as guys' clothes but we can only wear guys' clothes. When I can wear a dress in public and not be laughed at is when I'll stop calling you girls sluts.
  17. Are you saying if a girl wears a dress, ANY DRESS, she's a slut?! Even dresses that go past the knees and reveal nothing?! :/
  18. My girl is a jean and tank top type but when she wears a dress or skirt it makes it that much sexier
  19. No he just wants to throw a hissy fit because of disproportion between sexes.
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    if the chick fits the dress well. if you know what i mean :cool:
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