Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. this is what you see on your comp screen when your about to join a counter-strike game its not really wearenotsock but when i play cs and am stoned thats how i read it out for the first time lol its actually warsnotsock its somthing to do with ip sockets i think :/ but... ya just thought i would mention this it had me perplexed for the longest time.

    o btw i thought it said: we are not sock!!! as in not socks :p( the kind on your feet) so i was very fucking confused as to why this was in cs until i read it finly and understood it, anyone else got shit they've read wrong and thought it was somthing else like this?
  2. i gots one fer ya, every time i see the word pop corn i always read it cop porn...... i dunno y its just the way it registers in ma head :p
  3. lol! thats awsome man ya its trippy when you think you know somthing then it changes on you whoa.. :p like the matrix the exsistance of these words we make up cannot be explained, you must see them for yourself

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