Weapons of Mass Distraction

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Will WMD's be found?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Eventually, but they take time to smuggle 'em in and plant them

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  4. ...but the Iraqi people are free"

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  1. Will the US & Friends ever find WMD's or will they just keep diverting the question by slapping each other on the ass and saying crap like "but we liberated the iraqi people"?
  2. if the korean war is remembered in history as the forgotten war, and the shit that's been going down in northern ireland is known as dirty war... what will "Iraq 2" (as those not in-the-know know it) be remembered in history as?

    The war of lies?

    The revelation war?
    The realisation war?
    The Shocking War?


    the AWESOME WAR!

    warning: this thread contains high levels of satirical sarcasm!
  3. lol, I see Digit has discovered COLOURED TEXT!

    and no, i don't think they'll find any WMDs
  4. I'm sure Bush has some one building some WMD's over there right now!!!

    It's a sad day when things are done with false pretense!
  5. Hey wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bush is a WMD!
  6. but we freed the iraqi people! Isn't that enough? We don't have to validate our original excuse for going over there. Now if you'll excuse me, I have crude oil to pump.
  7. LMAO ^^^^
  8. lmao! perfect satire! :D ooooooorghahahahahahahhahahahaha! ;)

  9. LOL!!!!!!! Isn't that the truth? heheh
  10. whaaa? need i say more.
  11. maybe the iraqi information minister, baghdad ali, did some freelancing for the US and UK following up to the war :)
  12. Budhead, yep.

    Yes the iraqi people are no longer under the dictatorship, and i'm not saying that that don't matter. What i am asking is what happened to the WMD's that supposedly threatened our national security? When the US went to the UN our focus was on ridding Iraq of WMD, and a "side effect" would be the so-called liberation. AFAIK they haven't found so much as a can of pepper spray yet.

    Remember all this so called intel that was supposedly classified and couldn't be brought to the UN because the data was "sensitive"? Well what happened to all that supposed intel on WMD sites? Smells like the not-so front end of the bull IMO.

  13. osama & sadam, both america's golden boys, keeping their resources tight. but when the shit hits the fan.....

    it occurred to me that we have all seen the weapons of mass destruction on TV, right under our noses, but it just never twigged.

    gotta make a little peice of artwork to depict this i thinks...

    this is entitled...
    "behind you!"

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  14. Digit I must agree with you sir!!!! Looks like some of the TV footage I have seen!
  15. I forgot to say...............

    Osama bin Bush is living in the white house with GW.


    i'm not saying i know for sure, (how the hell could i?), but...
    Osama is in on the whole Project for a new american century plan. wouldnt suprise me if sadam was too.

    The people who perpetrate such acts of global manipulation have no qualms about having buddies who have completely horrific ideals, just as long as they dont threaten these people's control and have something to offer in return (oil? timber? "ethnic cleansing"? heroin production as an excuse to continue the war on drugs?). Its all the same to them.

    does anyone have any idea when we are going to see some inteligence?
  17. ...and just to add....

    it was not islamic extremists that wanted to start the jihad... it was the republican fundamentalist christians.
  18. i just have to disagree on the jihad thing. how to explain...

    the arab world feels justly so under the boot of the western world. that they oppose is natural. especially towards the US who is in the forefront of imperialistic rule (read: cheap oil).

    we have a clash of culture. i'm wholly on the western side though, but i can understand some of the rage that fuels the islamic jihad. they *are* in a sense oppressed.

    i don't really see a way out. sooner or later we will get into a culture war, and we (westerners) will win. but it will be ugly. and i don't support it as such, except for the little fact that i like western society over islamic anyday of the week.

    i am really uncomfortable about this *sigh*

    edit: arghh... that almost made me sound like some kind of (favourite word of the day) moron. but i have really thought it through. i will get back to the subject, but suffice to say that the recognicion we have of human rights and democracy are not recogniced in much of the islamic world. that is a threat. no matter what spin you put on it.
  19. or am i just ignorant...
  20. far FAR from ignorant :D

    i agree with what you say there appart from your conclusion that it must have been islam who started the whole jihad shebang.

    no doubt islam threw the starting punch, but it was done out of years of provocation. and if there is any big brother peeps reading that they probably just had a little fit @ that. well fuck them, if they have been paying attention, they'll know i'm the person least likely to turn to violent acts against the system. I'm the one who wants to change and improve the system through passive resolve.

    "i don't really see a way out."
    me neither. not yet. but there must be some way to stop that which "they" (both theys if u want) have put in motion.

    many still say things like "love will prevail", i hope thats true.
    unfortunately the eyes of fear & hate are out in force to convert more and more of the ignorant and apathetic to also become more 'eyes of fear & hate'.

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