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  1. this sucks .. so im in bathroom rollin a joint for on the way to work and my mom nocks on the door WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN THERE OPEN UP.. so im like 'uh fuck off im takin a shit wtf do u want' right (cause i was .. and rollin one too .. and thats jsut bs leave me alone in the fuckin bathroom) ..

    well when i come out theres my tin can w/ my bub hangin out on my dresser .. and the reason shes mad is because the bag of weed i baught of some skunk bubblegum was in a bag labled 'ez pill' .. its one of those bags where u write the day and waht time to take it so its 'ez' for you to rember u kno? for elderly people mostly..

    well shes like waht other drugs are you doing (because i got caught w/ salvia by the popo) and omg it was just bad and she wanted to DT me for other dugs and only other thing in me is adderal and that only lasts about 5 days so w/e im not concerned but fuckin bitch shes like 'thers no little cums of weed in here what else was it!'

    atleast she said she doesnt care about pot ;o
  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak
  3. Kind of shitty, but just take the DT and get it over with... that doesn't sound that horrible, I grew up with parents that wouldn't allow me to do anything and wouldn't be swayed any other way. Doesn't sound too horrible to me.
  4. that sucks man

    atleast she doesnt care too much
  5. It happens, did you explain it to her?

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