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weak thin stem

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by twistpro420, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. i am having a problem with one of my seedlings that has a set of two nice large leaves and growing another healthy set, but the stem is very skinny and weak. i know stretching is not a problem cuz the light about an inch away from the plant, so i'm wondering how i can fix this problem
  2. Add an osilateing fan. It'll create a little stress to the plant, encouraging thicker stem growth.
  3. If your stem is too weak you can also bury your plant up to the Cotyledon leaves.
  4. On my current grow I used LST, one of the original hooks I used made the plant super crop it self without me ever having to do it, now the stem is super stong and healther then I ever could have hoped for. A fan is essential though plain and simple, it will make the stem stronger and give the plant fresh air so it grows as best as possible it will also make your branches stronger so they can hold more weight. Put a fan on them, if it's too powerful and blows the plant over move it farther away, you should only see a slight movement caused by the fan. If you can't move it far enough away, tie chop sticks to the plant so they help support it, the fan won't be able to blow it over then but it should be allowed to move the stem just enough so the stem and branches becomes strong. This will also allow the plant to spend its energy on new growth instead of trying to hold up the growth it already has. It isn't a big problem this early in growth just add a fan ASAP. If you have a good fan (don't use a hand held one they suck even for the smallest plants) but still have this problem you maybe over reacting and it could be normal for the stain. As usually Sativa's stems are really skinny compared to Indica stems at the start from my experience. Another thing is some plants start as the skinniest plant you have and then grow to the thickest for no real reason at all.
  5. If you do this I suggest also scraping off the outside layer of the plant (up to where you plan to put soil) and then put small cuts in the side and add rooting hormone before adding the soil. This will allow better root growth from those area's, treat it as if your prepping a clone for the most efficient growth/ fastest recover time.
  6. This procedure just sounds wrong to me, can you cite your source?
  7. Just follow what I said in my post. It's the easiest way to get thicker stems.
  8. Opps sorry forbidden, didnt mean to edit yours, I meant to relpy to it.
    If not an oscilating fan, a steady one.
  9. A fan should do the trick for you. You could also try gently shaking the plant a few times a day, this should stress the plant enough for it to grow a stronger stem which is essential for when the plant grows taller.
  10. i only have a box fan, and i'm only able to turn it on at night due to security reasons, but will having the fan on the plants during the night only be enough to strengthen the stems? i tried shaking the stems to strengthen them but that just made the plant start to lay down. could someone just explain if you can why i have these very large healthy leaves, but a skinny stem?
  11. fan and use your fingers to bend the stem gently a couple times a day. Just don't over do it. This is a natural defense from animals and wind.

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