weak stem-will my baby live??

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  1. srry my camera is broke so ill try to explain. i have a seedling growing in a small pot out on my deck now. it use to be inside on my window (no wind) and the stem got weak so it sorta "fell over" it basiclly looks like it lst'd itself if you know what im talking about. she's just revealed her first 3 fingered fan leaves and is about 6-7 inches tall (i.e the stem is that long.) i put her outside so the wind might strenghten the stem. do you think i should help it out or just let nature do it? should i tie it to a stick or pull it back up with a string or what? just wanna know what you guys think. its a blueberry so i really want her to live.

    also, if someone could explain how to upload a picture i drew in paint i could show you what it looks like.
    thx 4 the help!
  2. Ive never had to "boost" a stem even when thy started lanky. But 6 inches is pretty damn long. Apparently you need more light. I have seen people stake young plants before. but in all honesty, there "should" be no need.

    I got my paint drawing on by using Putfile its free! that way you can just copy and paste the link.:wave:
  3. yea i was thinking i might leave it alone. its not too extreme but it does look quite pathetic.
  4. I transplanted one of my seedlings yesterday and this morning one had dropped over the stem had gotten bent. I proped it up with a stick and hoping it will stand on its own in a few days.. If not I'll pull it if the leaves begin to fold up on it. I would just put a stick in the soil and prop it up so it is standing straight and see if it will mend itself.
  5. Splint it or build up the soil round it. If you do the latter the stem will make more roots into the soil.

    But it sounds like it has become lanky through lack of light.
  6. Yeah, that happend to one of my sprouts, it grew quite tall and fell over....
    I just put it outside and put wet soil around it so it'd stand up, and chekc it every morning, I'd have to restand it up every morning. This morning I dind't have to, and its growing well now.
  7. Hey, good result.
  8. you should build the soil up around it so that its upto the bottem set of leaves
  9. yea so i go check on it this morning and the plant shrivled up. wtf!! this has happened to two of my plants already. one indoor and the one on my deck. anybody know why? i know its not lack of water...also, my mom (she grew in college) said i i grew them to "spindly" and they will die. she said i was suppost to cut the stem when the leaves show up so it splits in two. anybody do this? i know people topp when it gets big but when its a baby?
  10. to make u feel better, i had 1 of my larger seedlings chopped down to a very thin point at the bottom of my stem by slugs, well i thought it'd be fucked n die, but it bounced back in a week or so and now is growing great!
  11. you might not be underwatering the plants but you could be overwatering them. when they are seedlings just feel the top 2 inches of the soil, if its dry then water it.

  12. That happened to one of mine this year. Next door´s cat bit the top off of a tiny baby, right back to the cotyledons.

    I thought it would die, but it grew a double stem. Amazing!! You never stop learning in this game.
  13. i dont think i over watered it. the plant like shrivled up and was the size of a blade of grass.
  14. i had some seedlings do this, i just very carefully transplanted them into different pots, but dug a deep hole and set them in that. i rubbed root tone on most of the long stem, and burried it deep so only about half an inch is above the soil. voila no more long stem. This has worked well, the plant just develops new roots on the buried stem, and continues growing. hope this helps :)

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