Weak Seedlings!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. High, I have two seedlings on the go, and one of them is twice as tall as the other (it is about 2"). But the stem is fairly limp, and I can actually very easily bend it into a position, and it will stay there (this is how weak it is). Is this lack of water? I have John Innings No.2 compost which drains extremely quickly, and therefor, I mist it once a day. Why are my Seddlings' stems so weak???
  2. at that age they can be very delicate are they in a propergator and what light are they under if the light is too far away they might be stretching
  3. Its called your 'avatar', you can choose one in the 'edit profile' section. I have them in 0.5 gallon pots, and I have 2 20watt flouros, and a 15 watt UV. they are about 2" away from plants
  4. you go to EDIT PROFILE, then EDIT OPTIONS, then at the bottom you can choose a picture
  5. Gotta be something like 75 X 75 pixels max. Maybe 85, I'm
    not sure.

  6. glad you got the pics sorted!
    as for the seedlings....
    its nowt to do with the soil or watering.
    its light and heat.
    not enough light
    too much heat
    its 1 or the other or a bit of both of these things.

    what light do you have and how far away from it are they?
  8. im glad you pointed it out, i lost it in all that chit chat about pics.

    turn off the uv or change the tube in it for a cool white. its putting out heat but not useable light,
    dont bin it tho.

    seedlings do streach a little so dont panic.
    to help surport them rase the level of soil around the stem by putting more soil in the pot.
    when u pot them up bury them up 2 the 1st set of leaves.

    soon you will need bigger lights. if you dont have any and you want help finding some good 1s cheep then pm me.
  9. pm me if you want to know

    thanks, i'll go and have a look.
  10. I'm not sure if the UV is actually a UV light, it is a Gro-Lux light that has a slightly purple-pink glow to it. My seedlings are 2 inches high, and they are still on their first node!
  11. replace the tube with a cool white.
    bin the grolux
    rase the dirt before the plant starts putting on leaf or it will fallover.
  12. Are Gro-lux tubes really THAT crap? after all, they are made for growing plants.

  13. they are made to add light in certan wavelenghs to aid certan plants do certan things.

    they wasnt made to flower mj

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