weak seedlings

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  1. How can I savr my plants?

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  2. Save it from what? It looks like it hasn't even stood up yet.
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  3. The plant is healthy, don't worry about it. it can take a day or 2 for them to orient their leaves upward.
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  4. Alright cool. Its my last 2 seeds so im taking all precautions. is it safe to go ahead and put light on them now? Im using a pfl 13 watt 6inch bulb and a lamp with 4 six inch 27 watt fml bulbs
  5. Yes love give em some light x
  6. Don't do what my step mom did. She took some bag seed and just shoved them in a pot that had another plant in it. It was near a window, but not nearly enough light.

    She had about 15 seedlings when I went over. Almost all of them a foot long, with 4 little baby leaves at the top.

    Yours looks OK. I'd just make sure she gets lots of love and light for the next month.

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  7. Okay will do. Thanks everyone!
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