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  1. No I didn't. I didn't want to break the roots or anything. Should I have done that??
  2. I always do. It lets them start growing into the new soil and out of that circle motion
  3. This is rediculous. New clone, just bought yesterday. I planted her in ocean fox and already she seems to have weak, limping leaves, and the stems are now turning purple. Any insight???
  4. Let it be. Just allow it to do its thing. Just mist it for a few days
  5. Alright, so this is since saturday when I planted her. I just worry about the droopy leaves and stems.

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  6. look fine. just mist them... keep light on 24 hrs
  7. do you have a fan in there?
  8. Iv got a little personal fan that i was using when it was getting too hot. Now he temp stays at a steady 78. Should I use it anyway??
  9. Yes, have it blow right over the tops
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    MJ plants love negative pressure and a good air circulation! I use 11 litre pots and water with 2 litres of water every four days.
  11. Alrite man I'm gonna do exactly that. My plant has been having growth. Iv noticed some little stems popping out. However, the leaves are still extreamly droopy and just hang there and it really pisses me off. It lookes like it's dyeing but it's not. I'll post some pics wen I get home. Also I have a small spider mite infection (they were on the clone when I bought it!), so I sprayed with water dishsoap and garlic, hopefully that works.
  12. See if they have lady bugs at the hydro store, I know they protect ur plant from pests
  13. Here are my pics. She's had the same drooping leaves like this for a week now. However, she is growing. I'm seeing new leaves. And thoes little brown spots and holes are from the spider mites! WTF. I'm using neem oil, will that be good??

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  14. Neem oils are good. Ladybirds are best! My bro has them in his grow rooms as standard.
  15. Anyone have a clue on my rediculous droopy leaves??
  16. Are the clones rooted?
  17. Ya. When I transplanted a week ago they were rooted into the cubes.
  18. Damn... I wish I knew, I have no idea. I will ask some people to look here and see if they know.
  19. Ok so here's a quick rundown lol getting it from a club they prob had it in humidity domes so it didn't have to work hard at all to get moisture to the leaves from the roots, u can help it by covering it with a bottle or gettin a mist bottle to spray it a few times a day. When it comes to watering the 3" rule works for 5gal buckets but smaller ones it's different, try picking up ur planter if it feels light then water it, be sure to give it time to dry out but since it is so young keep the soil moist but not wet at all times, at least for the next couple weeks. Be careful when breaking cfl lights they contain gnarly chemicals like mercury, I've been told ur supposed to call a hazmat team if u break one but it's not practical for our style of lighting, I will keep an eye out for u and see how things are going, good things will come smokey let out the call and SPDT answered haha
  20. Did it have the spots on the leaves when u got it? Try folar feeding with the spray bottle with a pinch of miracle gro in the water

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