Weak leaves help!

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  1. Duude idk I think I'm just buggin but it lookes like it's getting worse. The temp is about 78 and she's watered and the leaves keep shrivling up. It looks like death valley it's so sad.
  2. We really need pics, if the soil is moist just leave it alone.
  3. Her man I have some pics. It has been getting worse very slowly. I have no idea why. The leaves are very dry and crinckly. The leaves also have alot of yellow spots and all the stems are purple. WHAT s WRONG?!?!?!

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  4. Annyoonee?????
  5. Be patient my dude, I have called the troops, I can't answer u at the moment but they should tell u soon
  6. Thank you!!!!
  7. No problem, I'm just drunk and don't want to b responsible.
  8. Like I said, too much water. If it's sunny outside and you can get away with it. Do it for a day and bring it in at dusk. And no water for 3 days at least.
    But I feel the damage maybe done.
    I hope I'm wrong. 
  9. Idk man my roomate Bought a clone yesterday, and did the same exact things I'm doing , and after just one night he has drooping and yellow spots. I'm deff chilling on the water cuz that might be the cause of the purple stems. Thanks guys
  10. Dude my plants are drooping. I haven't watered em In a few days. Culd that be why they are drooping?

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  11. How does the soil feel?
  12. Crunchy and dry. I watered em earlier today. The pot is small is that why they culd be doing this?
  13. Transplant them
  14. Okay. Shuld I transplant them in the ground or a bigger pot? Idk if the ground is good soil, Is there a way I could check?
  15. How much sunlight is too much?
  16. Dude I think ur good sun is all natural they love that shit.
  17. Just planted a clone in fresh farm soil. Hopefully this one works out
  18. How were the roots?
  19. Good they were rooted into these cubes that came in the cup. I put her in a smaller container too I'm just gonna let her chill for the first 2 days
  20. nice.... I have never bought a clone... must be nice. lol. did you break up the root ball?

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