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  1. My friend bought this bubbler about a week ago, when we opened the box we where a little surprised that the color was not anything near what the picture shows, our pipe was like puke yellow with blue/orange stripes, really bad looking pipe (I am aware this is CCG but the colors are way off trust me)... Another flaw we soon found was the chamber for the water is a joke. The smoke merely skims across the top of the micro puddle of water this thing can actually hold. The stem connects to low to the bottom of the chamber so there’s really no bubbling action, all you get is a nice flaming hot hit of smoke. They didn’t post my review of the pipe or get back to me about the problem, so that’s $80 straight to the shitter.

  2. Take this up with Support. I'm not sure they'll be able to help you since you've already used the pipe, but it's worth a shot.

    By the way, never expect the colors to be exactly the same as you see them on the web. They can be quite different sometimes.
  3. Yea I dont expect a refund at this point, I just want to get some kind of review for this defective pipe to the public. $80 is a lot of money to spend on a 5" pipe that has a flaw.. There is literally less then a quarter of an inch space for water, anymore and it starts to overflow into the stem.
  4. did you even read the desription?

    ITS A DRY HAMMER....you cannot put water in a DRY HAMMER
    well, you could but the "smoke merely skims across the top of the micro puddle of water"

    if ya want bubbling action, I would suggest getting a BUBBLER

    and i just can resist this one....


    :rolleyes:yeah, i know whats gonna be written down here soon.:rolleyes:

    Name-calling doesn't float here. *RMJL
  5. Why is it in the BUBBLER section then? I DID read that... What the fuck does it bubble? AIR? Not to mention the details say "Inside out dry pieces" WTF does DRY PIECES mean? bad grammar? Come on...
  6. I only found this listed under Hammer's not Bubbler's.

    I'm not for sure but I'd say the reason your review was not posted was due to the fact that the pipe was incorrectly used.
  7. "wtf is a DRY PIECE??"---its a piece that doesnt use water obviously

    dry piece--hitter, hammer.

    water pipe--bong, bubbler.
  8. Ya I don't imagine a dry hammer would bubble too well... Support your local blowers anyways- buy from the headshop it's so much better when you know exactly what you are buying :wave:
  9. Goto main page.. At the top there is a list of quicklinks.

    Quickjump: bongs [​IMG] glass pipes [​IMG] *** bubblers [​IMG] *** marijuana seeds [​IMG] smart products [​IMG]

    click """BUBBLERS""", this page will show all the CCG pipes.. click the hammers.. first page has the pipe I ordered. Every pipe on that page BUT mine is a normal bubbler. I see now that its just horrible site navigation (When you click Bubblers you expect to see just that not you're entire inventory under that section, a chillum is NOT a bubbler... but it also resides under the quicklink BUBBLERS) also mixed with some bad english... I dont give a shit at this point the defense thats going to be used against me is the fact it has the word 'dry' in the details. Even if it was used in some obscure sentence. TIPS: Get rid of/fix all those bunk quicklinks, do some grammatical error checking for everything, and let people know the color you see will not be what you get :) Oh and lower you're ludacris prices. Thanks.
  10. dude if you dont wanna pay those "ludacris prices" dont buy from The City and its your fault you used the pipe wrong:smoke:
  11. Yea thats not a bubbler, its a pipe dont feel bad nice pipe and i broke two nice bubblers myself, its like a smelly portable bong and they get dirty fast.
  12. this is why you dont buy stuff on the internet when you're stoned ladies and gents

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