We want to have a picture contest!!!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I personally wouldnt even care if there were no prizes, i think GC would be a lot better if we had a monthly/2 months pic contest.

    If you would ALSO like to see a WORKING picture contest, please post your thoughts here and maybe if enough of us want it, it will happen.

    PLEASE? It cant take that much effort!? (unless there are prizes, but who cares? i would rather have a simple no prize contest then no contest)

  2. that would be tight
  3. Agreed!!! As a previous winner, I can't tell you how good it feels to know your fellow blades like your photos! (not to mention the prize pack was pretty sweet...still use that chillum!) Let's keep it going!
  4. Definitely agree... picture contests are great.
  5. I'm not sure what will happen with that project as of right now. Thanks for your opinions though. :)
  6. Ohh ohh I am a photographer. I am all about this picture contest. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :metal: :metal:
  7. I am all for it :wave:
  8. Hey everyone, thanks for coming threw, i hope more and more people come and show some love.

    RMJL, if nothing happens with it soon, would it be appropriate if some of us (from this thread) got together and like.. made AT LEAST a "pic contest" thread?? Like i said before, simple contests would be fun to, we dont need a space in the photo gallery.
  9. Let me run it past Indy and see what he thinks. I'll also check with SJ on things, too. :)
  10. Not being rude...

    But thats the same thing that was said last time the picture contest got brought up...about 2 months ago. Can we just make a thread?
  11. Bumpity bump bump.

    I still want it.
  12. id like to view a contest going on, even if i dont participate id like to check it out
  13. Yeah, i think it would be cool...dont have to have prizes, just make it a sticky or some shit..Good Idea.
  14. why not? doesnt seem like too much of a hassle once it's all programmed
  15. SJ is a busy dude, but I'm sure it can be done..I will try to push it around a bit more.
  16. i'm with you DR let's do this thang
  17. im game, id love to have feedback on my, picture taking abilities...

    and to see some wild shit youll,d post...... :wave:
  18. Absolutely! I'd love to see this happen. It'd be nice to see a photochop challenge too.

    Prizes dont really matter. shit, winners could just put something in their sig for the month, like a lil cannabis cup trophy pic or somethin.
  19. When is this going to happen? ;)
  20. Can't we just start a Picture contest thread?

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