We took my daughter fishing ...

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  1. We loaded up today to take my girls fishing ...my oldest don't like it much but my youngest acts like my tom...boy... She loves animals everytime she would bring a fish up this cat would attack it before they:eek: could get the hook out of fishs mouth...:hello:

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  2. heres.. the cat with his kill....

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  3. good on you, fishing can be real fun. really nice and relaxing. glad your daughter enjoyed it
  4. I love how the cat is just chow'n on that fish in the background of the first pic.
  5. i love absolutly fishing and whne i have kids this is going to be a definat hobby.
    this reminds me of when i make food with salmon, i turn my back and my damn ignorant cat is eating my lunch!
  6. i love fishing!
  7. ahh thats really sweet, im glad you and your daughter have a good relationship :)
  8. thats awesome! your girl looks really happy.i can remember doing those kinds of things with my parents at that age.good times,good times.
  9. I never got a fishing rod. Just a stick with a piece of string. Fuck you dad!!!

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