We The People: Petition to Reconsider ALL Petitions!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by HeaDiEs RusH, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitio...hey-are-required-oppose-legalization/m6k12t24


    I'm posting this in General so that we can hopefully get more people to see this.

    Click either link and just sign the petition. We need to get to 150 signatures so that the petition will come up in user-searches related to cannabis. If you haven't already registered on the site, do so now. This is great petition, provided it gets enough support.

    Make our voices heard! Sign now!
  2. Put it in your sig's too?

    Wait, why would I sign a petition if they can't spell reconsider? Reconcider? Really guys?
  3. I'll sign it for a fellow gc member but I feel those petitions go nowhere. :(

  4. lol,
    Yeah, I was not going to say anything about that.
  5. Lol holy shit I never even noticed that. Dammit whoever made this petition kind of fucked that up for us. Oh well, we were only at 14 anyway lol.
  6. So.... who wants to make another one!???
  7. You read my mind. Lets talk about it for a while first though before posting it. Iron it out really well. We could also get support from NORML and Americans for Safe access.

    I just set up a google group so we can have an email list going, if you guys are interested join up:

    Google Groups

    By the way, the idea is not to remove the discussion from grasscity but I think it would be better to hash out the particulars elsewhere and then bring the results of general interest back here. I will be posting this like elsewhere as well.

    Lets get a large group going.
  8. Also the last paragraph talks about how it's safer than alcohol, yet marijuana isn't even mentioned in the petition.

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