We should send a time capsule into orbit

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  1. Not like the HDD one, but a storage of books with some kind of basic "rosetta" just in case we perish. In the event another intelligent species supersedes us and develop basic space flight. So that they could avoid problems and or learn of our existence... If it stayed in orbit would be the question.

  2. just store it on thousands of different versions of media storage
    and place all of those individually stored media devices into one big
    container encased in our strongest of material.
  3. what artifacts should we fill it with?
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    Well they might not be able to interface with our media... Even if they *study it.
    A series of fire-resistant plastic color books. Maps of Earth showing "ancient" cities, history by many sources and basically like the voyager but a condensed set of books in one language with some sort of mathematical cipher (say USA/Russian/UK/Chinese P.O.V All in one simplified language or English with something that shows our basic understanding of math corresponding with the Alphabet set like A a[1 1] B b [2 2] Our color range basic structure structure of our history etc)
    No artifacts just pictures and maybe some computers with a manual. Like a space resistant i386 with a raid setup and lots of data.... Kinda to the 1st guy but also to you
  5. well you can have an all-in-one reader/player they can enjoy visually
  6. then they don't deserve it yet

    we should bury some and send a few into space. maybe like 1000 in every direction and a few in orbit.
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    Electronics break down quickly. That's the main issue.
    If we all died, stuff wouldn't work in about 10-20 years... Bar cars, underground bunkers, nuclear subs, and some power plants....
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    I mean we have two of these in "deep space" right now, apparently it'll be around for at least a million or so years. It's losing power now, but it was sent out in the 70's probably out of fear or nuclear annihilation... But I would definitely like a more than a few.
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    Oops forgot video

    I kind of agree with this guy

    "I feel like sending aliens a record with the name "Planet Earth" on it is like sending your complete home address to a former child molester who just recently escaped from prison and still looking to repeat the offense. ï»¿"
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    yea i was going to say, we already did send a time capsule out, and it's the farthest man-made thing ever sent.
    also, if aliens wanted to find us, they would have already. we sent out our first radio transmission in the early 1900's, and radio waves travel at the speed of light, so that's 114 light years. 
    the closest star is alpha centauri at only 4.37 light years away. 
    they are staying away for a reason. we need to develop a hyperspace drive.
  12. I believe we have an effective range limit of about 100-150 light years... It breaks up and is hardly distinguishable as man-made after that... Again, as I believe...
  13. It's weird to me because I would feel no need for other people to learn about us if we got wiped out. Especially since it wouldn't really be passing on knowledge because for someone to get it they'd be way ahead already. But even then, really, do we want to pass on what we've done. We're not an especially nice species.

    Its kind of different but don't you guys find it twisted we dig up dead people and their possessions and put them in museums? I find that disturbing.
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    Irregardless what we've done, I'm sure a future Earth species or some scientists from some alien species would love to know the history of an, as of yet, extremely rare "intelligent" life form... We've been socially evolving for probably no more than 10000 years and at an exponentially fast rate for 100. We live in quite possibly the most peaceful and enlightened time in any ape's history... Give it 100-200 if we perfect atmosphere scrubbing technology and/or get GMO trees that grow in 6m to 1y with fairly low quality wood.

    Ehh, if you think about i'm sure the royalty would like it. But, yes I kind of do agree... But if it's millions of years old or not human, I don't think it really matters... As a species we've probably only just achieved marginal intelligence thousands of years ago and real insight and general understanding into the world and that which surrounds it, and that's only because of libraries and like 100 years of dedicated study. I'm sure if we make it another 100-150 years we'll have solved some major issues, many minor issues, and at least achieve sub-luminal to luminal engines... Though apparently if the Alcuibierre theory is approached differently people think we may be able to use conventional technology to achieve super-luminal speeds with no theoretical limit...   
    I don't mean evolution in the physical sense... 
    I do and don't understand why the "Big 3" have to come out at noon everyday and wave their dicks at each other... That's what bothers me
  15. Everything you said is probably true, I'm sure they would want to like how people want to go to museums and look at dead people. But I don't know I don't feel proud of much of what we've done as a species so I guess I don't have the feeling to want to share it. Feel like I'm putting a downer on this now.
  16. we've sent a few different packages already haven't we
  17. Why does everyone think aliens are far more advanced then us. I mean we don't have any proof of them YET. For all we know they just acomplished making a language.

    Think before you do!
  18. we have been sending 100 years worth of radio waves into space broadcasting everything that has ever been played on tv and everything ever to play on the radio traveling at light speed. We got to loose the idea that aliens want to destroy us all. Honestly if they were like us and happened to have the technology to get to our planet I'm sure war would be the last thing on their minds. Every1 has to drop the hollywood set of ideas about other intelligent life.

  19. If you're referring to me, I said aliens who managed to travel to earth. In which case they would be more advanced regardless of how they communicated :) and the whole topic is about shooting a time capsule into space, presuming we did that now for aliens to find, any alien who found it would be more advanced than we are.

    But in general outside of this topic I agree with you.
  20. Put where the side walk ends in there and some Dr Seuss books that sounds funny... Lol

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