we should be able to GC prestige

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Like if we get full green rep bars, we should get like one gold bar haha or rainbow or some shit.

    anyone else got ideas for a GC "prestige"?
  2. I'm already at ten on the first day cause I have no life
  3. I like the rep bars, it took me a whole fucking year to get full rep.
  4. They should totally do that...
  5. That would be cool but I hate prestiging on call of duty.

  6. Its a love hate thing for me...

    I like that i can just easily throw away all my work, just to do it all over again.

    Maybe ill start over with a new account if i ever get full rep on here...
    god, i need a life...
  7. haha. that would be kinda interesting. idk. could be coo. but 3ont happen tho but could be like someoe plays cod alot
  8. i want gold bars

    13k rep champion
  9. Truly full rep would take forever I just post things because I want to not for rep
  10. i mean i finally got full rep like. 2 weeks ago. im not ready to prestige. lawlz.
  11. I'm not even close to full rep, MUST POST MORE FUNNY PICTURES

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