we should all email google

Discussion in 'General' started by naughtyneighbor, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. and tell them to put one of their special logos up for 4/20...just a marijuana leaf would be fine :)
  2. LOL good idea bro

  3. HAHHAHAHA that would def inspire Riots with suburban moms. im emailing now
  4. Thats A Fukking Good Idea!! + Rep That
  5. They got this thing on now :
  6. Does anyone know if that was up yesterday? Or if they just changed it for 420
  7. actually if u click on the google logo it links to a google image search for a painter joan miro or something.....apparently he was born on 4/20......
  8. i emailed'em
  9. Yea, they actually did chnge it for 4/20....friggin awesome :smoke:
  10. haha sweet, didn't even notice...

    that's awesome, my parents have Joan Miro paintings in our house. his artwork is truly trippy
  11. lol, well its logo is very trippy, but unsuggestive of ganja for obvious reasons . . . ah well, it would have been VERY cool to have google do that tho, just a huge marijuana leaf behind the logo or in some other way integrated into the lettering would have been very very sweet.
  12. u think they culd get in trouble.. like what are parents gonna do tell them to take it down .. becasue why? haha like ok ither u stfu and not use the best search engine around or deal with it haha ;D
  13. Yeah man.

    It's subtle, but it's there.

    Most people wouldnt notice it too much, but they know what today is. :D

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