We should actually do this...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by JCrohn, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. If ENOUGH people get off their ass to do this, then it might have a profound effect.

    Dictionaries for the Drug Czar | NORML Blog

    Send a dictionary or post card to the drug czar...POST A PICTURE OF YOU DOING IT, and receive reps from me (and other people should also rep people who are kind enough to post pictures of this activism)

    I will be posting pictures of my cards soon.
  2. gonna try and do this tomorrow:] i love this idea
  3. Why was the question "legalize drugs?"
  4. and futher, I think this clip can hurt the cause. (that we all are going for.) which im SURPRISED that norml would put this out there. I say write to norml.

    Our words need to be specific. Most legislation goes unread, and surely the newly appointed "czar" from seattle washington ;) isnt going to advocate The Drug Czar is required by law to lie

    Seattle Police Chief to Be Named New Drug Czar | Blog | Addiction Professional
    I got hes in for a fight, but Ill be damned if this fucking video helps.
    That question was ridiculous, was it taken out of context? Three times I heard, legalization of DRUGS.

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