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    hey I like it
  3. .... If so... why?
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    That's prolly my fav Lil Boosie track ......and Lil Boosie is street tough.....unfortunately he's serving time right now. And he's not doing chump change...he's doing like 10yrs

    I would like his music more but can't support someone who's serving time w/o really knowing that person

  5. lol yeah hardcore hey,

    he doesn't look tough at all

    and this video almost makes him look like a pussy and like souljaboy
  6. He looks like a bitch xD
  7. [quote name='"iSPARK"']He looks like a bitch xD[/quote]

    thats because he is a bitch
  8. All the way to dummy
  9. its been my experience, that black dudes who are tough, dont display it, they know they got it

    and those who arn't, boast about it constantly.

    think that sums it up.
  10. Lil boosie is the hoodest rapper IMO because he's killed 8 people and involved in the murder of like 20 others, he's also on death row.

  11. This is true, but in rap you sometimes gotta show off, ya heard?

    Like you know what I mean.
  12. i cant understand one word these crackheads are saying. im guessing its something related to money, guns, drugs, and black on black crime

  13. Lol killing people and being in jail makes you hood? If thats the case then mobsters must be Super Hood cause they kill lots of people too, they just dont get caught lol.

    In my honest oppinion i think this dudes failed at being 'hood' for the simple reason that he got caught lol. I have a few friends who are 'Hood' They live in the 'Ghetto' , come from poor fam and even tho their from the block, they got all their shit together.

    My buddies got his family fed every night , he's got bling , swag , ladies , and a real nice hooked up caddilac. He's what i call hood.
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    you say that like its a good thing



    no fuck off, he probably killed some crackhead who tried to rob him out of 20$.

    i hope he gets the gas chamber

    ps; this was not directed at pass the dr0.
  15. and who the fuck names them self lil boosie lollll
  16. Lil Boosie is a joke. No one gives a shit about him until he goes to jail..then all of a sudden everyone's goin free Boosie free Boosie! :rolleyes::rolleyes: Dumb.

  17. I think this is people in general, not just black people lol....:rolleyes:
  18. I think he's "hood" because he's actually killed people, unlike lil Wayne and drake, I in no way listen to him or support him, I just think he's hood.
  19. Yeah I'm pretty sure he's hood as fuck. Drake's a bad example because he doesn't claim to be hood nor did he grow up in the hood but Wayne is probably a good comparison

    Edit: Should this be in the Music Hall?
  20. Ya he killed something like 3 people

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