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Discussion in 'General' started by LuckyToker024, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I think we need more stickys to fill up the page in this General forum. I only have to scroll down once to see the non sticky pages and that is just too little. So please, sticky this post, and many more when you get a chance. We should shoot for three pages of stickys before someone gets to the new posts, thanks for your time and lets get on this problem right away. :rolleyes:

    ps i hope i dont get kicked for this:eek:

    pps: im blazed as fuck
  2. so wait, a post about asking for stickies should be stickied?

    lol i am kinda confused by your logic here, why should this be stickied?
  3. I was going to post to tell you tht he was being sarcastic, but then it struck me that maybe you were being sarcastic back, so I don't know what to do. What exactly is this thread about?

    I went and counted, there's only 8 stickies. If that looks like too many to you then you needed to change your screen resolution anyway.
  4. well i dont see u writing any how-tos to be stickied..

    but ya
  5. Wtf...this thread makes no sense...
  6. he's being sarcastic on how many stickies there are on this thread. i do agree a bit. the whole "you should post" sticky really shouldnt be sticky. but its not like its a big deal
  7. Well seeing that most people dont read the stickies by the fact that the same questions answered in stickies are still asked in threads, we should only have the essentials. And I dont feel like scrollin down a bunch just to get to some of the threads, thats just lame. You need to lower your dosage of thc if you think that was logical.

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