We need an enema in the USA!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ANARCHIST714, May 11, 2011.

  1. Fuck the dea, fuck the police!
    They intefere in the lives of legitimate pain patients such as my self. Unfortunately, I live in the epicenter of the "pill mill" controversy here in fucked up Florida.
    Draconian measures do not not adequately describe what the fuck is happening :hello:here.
    I am a 42 y/o chronic pain patient with 10 years of docuented history, legit mri's, neurologist interpretations etc...
    I am perscribed oxycodone, methadone and xanax.

    Not only has it become near to impossible to get my oxy scipt filled, now they take away my xanax. Fucking pigs!

    That is the glue that allows me to "function" as a normal person.
    IN THE END THEY ARE FUCKING THEMSELVES. There is a DEFINITE reason that i've been on the xanax fo 10 years.

    I doubt seriously that anyone of those fucks want to meet me on a "BAD DAY"

    Bravo fuckos,
    Keep it up at this pace and you will have a toop of "uncontrollables" burning your buildings down.

    I won't do it, as I have resources, just the gall pisses me off!!


    Somebody give this country a long overdue douche!


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