We need a revolution against the USA Oligarchy

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  1. Sup blades and bladettes, Recently I've been looking at how shitty a country we live in due to the fact the constitution has been all but legally nullified and that we are in a semi police state. Both parties of the dems and rebs need to be overthrown. We need a hero!!
  2. I'll never understand how people can say America is shitty. Is it the best, no, but shitty? Where else have you lived to compare?
  3. El Salvador. Basically the difference is the same shit but in a round about manner
  4. So why do you think America is so shitty?
  5. our government man. Sure this country has its positive buts the police here are just as bad as the ones back home. Plus this whole invasive reach of citizens live by the government
    It's just fashionable to hate on America these days. It's still a great country to live in compared to the vast majority of countries.
    Dude people complain about America being a "police state" but people who do that just don't understand what an actual police state is like.
    American cops aren't going in the right direction but they aren't totalitarian yet. And the American government is actually less corrupt than the vast majority of the world's governments.
  8. That's a reflection of people as a whole not the government.

    If this government is over thrown we will need another ruling body. A society this big needs rules and regulations and people to enforce them. It would be utter chaos without it. All things considered I don't think America is that bad and given the many alternatives in the world I'm pretty content to stay here.
  9. I'm pretty happy... No revolution, please.
    I think Canada is fucked in a lot of ways but overall I can't think of a better alternative really. I wouldn't mind living in the States either.
    Beats the shit out of some African shithole or a South American dictatorship or something. :laughing:
  11. Eh maybe my views are little skewed but I get the the picture. I understand what a police state is. But the way things have been going the people.and the government need to re evaluate this society as a whole
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    I'm getting promoted at work next week. Shroud of the avatar releases soon. I have big plans for my fish and garden hobby

    I'm well fed and smoke more weed than I need.

    Lets try to vote out Congress instead off fucking shit up

    You don't know what you've got till its gonr

  13. Yes I agree

    It is very scary what is happening in America right now. But I feel violence is not necessary.

    We need unity, and civil disobedience. We work the machines. We grow the plants. We elect the government. We keep society going. We just need to remind them of that fact.

    I believe in Accountability. The reason we have a second amendment isn't necessarily to have a rerevolution. Its to show them we can if we want. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

  14. yes but I think the government wouldn't think twice of killing its citizens for their personal assets and for compliance
  15. I tend to agree with Yuri here. Yeah, things are pretty screwed up in ways but as I've mentioned in other threads I think the "We need a hero" idea is a good part of our problem in the end. We want a leader, a hero, a philosophy, a whatever to either tell us what to do or to do it for us. We can't control the government if we aren't well informed and talking facts rather than talking points. Being informed and doing the research is hard work and most of us, myself included more than I'd like, have a hard time with that.
    In my opinion yes, the people in power are screwing us, but the reason they are in power in the first place is that we got lazy and allowed it. If we want to take it back that's going to involve a lot of hard work.
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    fuck. This is what. Ikeep trying to tell people. You said it better than I could.

    People wanting to pass off responsibility to others, is how this government got here to begin with.

    Our problem isn't that we are being tricked or enslaved. It is that we want to give up our responsibility

  17. The distopia they have helped create. Central banks, domestic spying, police are now goons, courts are crooked, politicians are evil, lawyers are our moral compass, big pharma and ag controls the fda, the list goes on and on...
  18. There is a certain distance to be kept between the enterprising individual and the regulatory bodies.
    When that distance spans the globe, what are the grounds  may a regulator's jurisdiction indite on?
    The golden age of unity can churn out very disfigured institutions if the United Nations is bought and paid for by crooks.
    It is up for the disenfranchised revolutionary to build new institutions, rather than dutifully engage in their eternal conflict.
  19. It will happen when it is no longer deniable that the country has been looted. The people who got screwed in the housing bubble have a notion. Ignorance is bliss so most people will keep their eyes shut until they feel the burn. These maniacs in power wont stop until we stop them or they have stolen everythig. They are not after money for wealths sake it is for the lust of power.
  20. I still think we should divide the country into the political zones.
    You think people should have higher taxes to fund social programs and more regulations on big business? Move to the Democrat zone.
    Think people should be as free as possible fiscally and socially? Move to the Libertarian zone.
    Etc, etc.
    This way everyone can focus on their own ideological model and leave other people out of it. We're never going to agree, this tug-a-war is pointless and you always have to worry about your political opponents gaining too much power and ruining your existence.

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