We need a GC app

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by HelloImBaked, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. for Droid or Iphone. I know that Grasscity is connected to taptalk.com, but that app is a hunk of shit. I know there are some smart blades out in the GC community that could design this app!
  2. +1 I totally would use that!
  3. Even if we had someone that could, I doubt SJ will allow it
  4. No we don't. Yeah taptalk is utter crap but still. If you want to browse the web while mobile get a phone with a full featured browser.

    If you think we need an app then write one that makes it easier to use for you. It's not like that kind of application is rocket science to write. It would probably take a day or two to get a first run done.

    Hell I used to use GC just fine on my ancient Moto Q 9c using Opera. My newer Nokia n900 works just fine with it as is, no special apps.

  5. iPhones which I assume the persons who started this thread is using comes with a full featured browser and if that one isn't good enough there are other browsers they could download like opera however I've never had to use more than the standard browser. I also wish there was a decent forum reader app that could work with gc besides taptalk as it is utter garbage ... That being said the reason I like using an app is because it preformats the forum to a format easier read on a mobile device. I really doubt the average user would be able to write a decent app in a few weeks he'll they'd prob take a few weeks just to find out what they need to do to be able to start writing. I wonder I'f there are other forum readers that can work with this forum.
  6. hahahha you should of used the search man, there are a lot of threads about that :)

    an app would be cool.

  7. Threads about apps? I'm confused...

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