We must use the psychic powers of grasscity.com to destroy this evil

Discussion in 'General' started by Doctor Green, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. it really sucks that the coffeeshops in the Netherlands are having such a hard time at the moment. The ultra conservative rightwing christians who are in power in the Netherlands really hate coffeeshops and getting rid of all the coffeeshops is one of their main goals :(
    Within half a year there will be a law that bans smoking in coffeeshops. THC levels are going to be greatly reduced in the cannabis they are allowed to sell and lots of coffeeshops are forced to close down.

    The hunt for cannabis growers has greatly increased in the Netherlands over the last few years, with much tougher punishment.

    This is all thanks to this man:

    Jan Peter Balkenende, prime minister of the Netherlands :mad:


    Now I would like you all to look at the photo and focus all your negative energy at this man and possibly make a voodoo doll of him to torture to death. We must use the psychic powers of grasscity.com to destroy this evil
  2. Maybe if he pisses enough people off, the people will disown
    him at the polls next time. That's what I'm hoping for Bush,
    next election. (never happen).
  3. Man.. Man oh man. I see that picture.. and all I see is "DICKHEAD". For real. Look at that guy. He's a dickhead! LOOKIT HIM! Even if I hadn't of read the post, I would still be thinking, "man.. that guy is a dickhead.."
    This is all I see:

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  4. he shall suffer greatly.

    you hear me christian facist hilbilly bwoy!?
    we aint finished with you by daamn sight. we just startin. i'm gonna get medevil on you ass!

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  5. lmao Digit :D

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  6. our leaders are totall bastards :(
  7. [​IMG]

    here's another fuckwit.

  8. Ditto!
  9. lmao. good pic.
  10. The way Canada is looking im thinking about moving up there :)
  11. is that a dick nose?
  12. i was hopin n one would notice :eek:

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