We made a homeless guys days

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hax0r, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. So me and my friend were out in san francisco. We had a blunt that we were taking puffs off of and putting out. Well we were chillin smokin the rest of it and this homeless guy is walking up so we think about it for a minute and decided to hand him off the rest of it. Haha. Looked like me made his day.
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  2. nice dude. i would do the same
  3. your the kinda person i wish everyone was. :smoking:
  4. Ya we were like ya were pretty high so lets help this guy out too.
  5. awh, man, that's really nice
    thats a good thing to do :)
    god will probably thank you later for that hahaha
    next thing you know you find a quarter of the bombest dank on the ground .. ;)
  6. wow..now that guy homeless is high and has the munchies...:p

    naw but really...thats a cool thing to do bro...:D
  7. wow nice man fuckin hell yeah there is good ppl out in this world:)

  8. I figured it was about time to offset some of my bad karma lol.

    Oh, and then we went to the rainforest cafe hella high and had dinner. Man that was a great friggin day.
  9. dam this is the 2nd one of theese threads i done seen...not even gonna repost my story but ive done this before 2 lol good look!
  10. Coming from a dude who was homeless, with a dog and pack and shit. It really does make your day

    Loving your Family and all that
  11. good shit dood i'm in berk so theres TONS of homeless i always try to give em my change or a spare dollar or a few stokes if i have any. one day once i have more than enough bud to handle on my own, i'm def gonna have a free joint for the homeless day :)
  12. thats cool, he came up, probably won't forget about it.
  13. Give a man a joint and he'll toke for a day.....teach him to grow and he'll always be enlightened. Aint that some hokey shit? seriously lil bro, that was a good and it will be repayed.
  14. fine job man, way to spread good vibes :hello: +rep for ya man
  15. Next thing you know some dude will walk up and you wont know who it is and he'll be like ' hey, Remember when you gave me some of that j? well i won the otto bro, heres a few lbs of dank for you trouble :hello:
  16. +rep. You sound like a really nice guy, I wish more people where like that. Doing that kind of thing always feels good too.
  17. I've gave the rest of a blunt to homeless guy before. Then I see him again with a friend and it turns out he was the guy that used to buy alcohol when my friends were underage. I always help him out whenever I see him around now.

  18. Thanks for the rep man. I just try to be nice and lend a hand when I can.

    So it turns out it may have given me some good karma.
    Here's the back story. About two months back, july 27th, actually on my lil sister's b-day, I totaled out my car on the way home from work. Was lucky enough to walk away with minor injuries but I was out of a car. Well, I didn't have enough money to get a new car right away since I'm trying to live on my own and go to school and stuff so I bought a bike. Well, two weeks back some lady hit me with her car, damaged my bike to where it was not ridable. Long story short there, it was my fault because I was on the sidewalk riding against traffic. What crap, right? So for like 2 weeks I've been walking hella miles to get to school and work. But as luck would have it, my Dad called and said he has been saving some money and is going to be looking for a new car for me. Fucking awesome! Man I'm so freaking happy that I'll be getting a car again. Its been shitty walking in the heat, but once it starts to rain again its gonna be real nice to have a car.

  19. Well to be honest, he was one of the homeless guys that looked like he'd been on the streets for a while. He seemed like he was a little out of it, like he was getting near the end...sad to see, but at least we made his time a little better.

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