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  1. Ok so I know you like to smoke and all for what ever reason, help sleep like to get high or whatever, but what are some if any things you don't like about marijuana... Personally I just don't like that it cost so much. And that whether you are very smart or not you get looked down on like a retard (no offense) just cus you smoke pot. Let me hear it
  2. i dont get looked down upon like a retard, asshole. :poke:


    and even so, i dont look down upon retards. =/ fuck thats fucked up
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    That's not really what I mean... but ok
  4. =P

    its bad u can get handcuffed and see the inside of a cell for it. thats the only thing
  5. The only thing I don't like about weed is the public's ignorant reaction to it. So I guess, nothing.

  6. hes just yankin your chain brah.

    but yeah, I dont like how some people look at weed as if its any worse than caffine or alcohol. Cost is obvious, I also hate the whole "illegality" part and the paranoia that you get every once in a while.
  7. Then articulate your meaning or people will take you literally, word for word.

    I don't like people who let it control their lives... like I used to. It's not even the whole smoking 24/7; it's the people who smoke weed and still close their minds. Baffling. In my previous household, all my roomies would get baked and abstain from doing their dishes and also fail to respectfully consider the perspectives of other people. This isn't everyone, but the people who do, need to rethink their smoking patterns and reasons for indulging.
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    Well what I mean is like just cus you smoke pot people think that your just not as smart as other people... Like the whole stereotype of people that smoke are brain dead and all. I have two or three friends that smoke more than me and they are in all advanced classes and still make straight A's...
  9. I hate the misconception that successful people don't / can't smoke weed. (or that you can't smoke weed and be successful). Both of my parents own their own extremely successful business and they smoke at least twice a week.
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    In reverse: I hate the people that use the beneficial facts as an excuse to mask their habitual smoking.
  11. I smoke to get high, mellow out, sleep, with with anxiety, bored, and its awsome, What i don't like is the legal status and price but its worth the rish and money imo
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    I'm not sure if that was an indirect attempt to take a shot at me or not but I'll assume not since you don't know my smoking habits. But yeah! I hate that shit too. Or when people give you the facts about how healthy it is or how other things are worse for you then weed if you call them out for overdoing it

    Edit: I re-read it and realized I read it wrong the first time:eek::smoke:

  13. Oh no absolutely not, not directed at you. I'm referring to people that use the factual benefits of smoking to be useless stoners.

  14. Whats wrong with people making it a habit? Or don't i understand what your saying? Either i'll admit to pretty much anyone that its a habit for me to smoke I don't NEED it but i don't like not having it.
  15. Oh okay I get it now, Yeah i plan on going to to collage for being an electrician so i'm not a useless stoner i need to show people that i can be successful and smoke mad weed while doing it
  16. Could care less what other people think of me because I smoke, only thing I don't like is the hassle behind it being illegal. Oops 2 things. Add that because it's illegal it supports violent gangs.
  17. It frustrates me so much that weed is still illegal why can't our government ever do anything to benifit our country they only wanna help other countries we have our own problems they can fuck off and deal with their own shit. Sorry for the little rant i just get so fucking pissed when i start talking about the gov

  18. fixed.

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