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  1. We have beauty - we have art, we have passion, we have love, we have exquisite buildings we have exquisite places... we have beautiful women, we have beatiful men, we have changing and varying seasons we have changing and varying persons, we have favouritism for summers and we have favouritsm for the winters. We have favouritism for sports, we have favourism for politics.

    We have the rain. the poetry. the music the love, we have sight, we have smell, in society we have individuality, in singleness we have conformality. We learn we read we speak we right. we have dramas, we have sonets,we have history we have present. we have philosophy -we have reality, we have socio economic class we have have socio economic gender

    We have the music, the lyrics the beats the drums, we have joy laughter crying singing, we have peace we have rest we have labour we have choice... we have life, we have life,. . . . we have life
  2. We are sooooooooooooooo lucky:smoke:
  3. That we do, also on an important note, we have one life, the rest depends on the individual.
  4. We are lucky indeed!
    We are at the furthest dot in time.
    Do we walk alone... Zeus!! Give us a champion amongst ye gods of Olympas!!
  5. We have pain:(
  6. I personally prefer Odin. :p
    We have beauty, so do all the other animals on this planet. We have art, so do other animals on this planet. We have passion, we have love, so do the other animals. The animals have homes, nests, that are intricate, beautiful and exquisite for their level of understanding. We are no different than the Gorilla, no different from the dolphin, we only have a more advanced mind, a more advanced culture. Teach a Bonobo to start a fire, teach it to create tools, and what you have is our infant selves. We are lucky because we can use our minds to uncover the mysteries around us, we are cursed because we can analyze our world. We are no different from the animals that roam this planet, we are simply more able to understand the universe around us, and that is all.
  7. we have nothing. we have everything.

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