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  1. And our economy is in trouble. First of all, let me just say Richard Nixon is the biggest asshole that ever lived (pardon my language) and Obama is what I like to call the anti-Nixon. What we need to do is make one big petition, (I don't mean no 500 signature one either. Like 5,000,000 or something like that) and send it to the white house. i know this will be a crap load of hard work and time, but won't it be worth it? Think about future America, no, future EARTH... what happens if we start going to extents where we acciedently influence other countries to stop using marijuana, and it someday becomes extinct. I know it's hard to think about... But back to my point. We can do this guy... Who's with me?

    God Bless
  2. Yeah we can do him! We can do him right in the ass!

    Oh.. wait...

  3. Well, Oregon has an initiative in place to get cannabis legalization on the ballot in 2010. 80,000 of Oregon's residents' signatures need to be collected in order to get this through. One petition saying 'legalize weed' isn't going to magically change their minds. You have to go through the political process like we've been doing. Look at all the states that now have decriminilization and MMJ because of the political process.
  4. Great post! I've given this thought as well.

    Obama's statement this week that he wants states' rights to prevail is huge.
    I certainly hope his next move is re-scheduling. The possibilities for scientific advancement are huge. I wonder how that will work if a federalist stance is taken on this issue and states can dictate what is "legal" in their state? Would that mean a state could declare marijuana research legal in that state, and therefore, allow unfettered scientific experiments to be conducted? That is how I am interpreting this, -I hope that is correct. This could be huge. With more science would come more information. I think sometimes people are caught in that "Catch-22" that the Feds have established. They see the scientific studies done in other countries and they say, "Why isn't there American research available if this is so beneficial?" :rolleyes:

    If every state can dictate its own policies, that pretty well puts the DEA out of business when it comes to marijuana except for securing the borders where they should be concentrating their efforts anyway. ;) Take the cartels out of the equation already! :mad:

    Let's not forget the possibility of the government inadvertently eradicating the poppy plant too in Afghanistan as they fight the drug war on that front as well. There certainly is medicinal usage for that plant as well.

    While we're at it: HEMP! Grow it! The rainforests still hold many plants and animals that we don't know exist, or know what medical wonders they may hold. Stop the deforestation and grow hemp for our paper/fuel/textiles needs. So much of the rainforest is slashed and burned to grow crops like corn. This is fueled by ridiculous ethanol production cutting into the world food supply. Once again- HEMP for victory! :hello:
  5. Thanks for the support guys. And I've been researching other states, and even nations, that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana and I looked at their tactics for doing so. As of now, the only nation, as far as I know, that has legalized marijuana is India for religious purposes... But I personally don't like it because I'm Christian. And yes, 'floating_by', Hemp is a great step we need to make the government aware of. They say we can't have a marijuana plant because it's illegal. But as soon as it's made into hemp, it is legal. It's kindof like taking certain tablets out of a pill capsule. The capsule is legal as long as it's together. but when broken, it's illegal. And I'm not talking like asprin type things. I mean the see-through caps with the assorted little bead like things in them.

    God bless!
  6. I like this thread, and like to picture this type of thing happening. The only thing we can be assured is that it will never go extinct. Theres way too many smokers around earth to allow that type of thing.:)
  7. I'm pretty sure hemp is illegal in the US.
  8. Thanks expanding eye! :]

    And hemp is legal. I have a hemp backpack, and my uncle is a police officer. He doesn't give a rip. I also have 3 hemp jimi hendrix shirts, and my college professors dont care
  9. Oh ok then nvm lol
  10. cmon now, pot heads are to lazy for this, why fill out a petition when i can smoke a bong
  11. No dude, wait you right. Kind of. Hemp is illigal to cultivate, but hemp products are legal. Sorry man. We're both right and both wrong

  12. Do you have any details? id love to sign
  13. This man has it right.
  14. Hey man, thanks :]
    I appreciate hearing this from you.
    I've been interested in legalizing marijuana since I was 13. But I guess I overlooked the hemp factor.
  15. ahh thanks for clearing that up :smoke:
  16. Haha. Your welcome. I learned something too

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