We Gunna Tear This Muthafucka Down

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. alright, whos down to do something to make a statement, either hunger strike status, or a giant washinton smoke out.

    I mean get the cannibus cups to sponsor it or somthing, set a date with enough time to get the word out, have it in high times and all over the net, and there would be thousends of people,
    i mean, i could be in the dark over here, but i can see nothing to great has happend in a while.

    i mean Im down, i just dont want to be one crazy stoner with a sighn and mega phone straving, and realy high right out side the white house.......that will just end bad, and give it a bad name. But if every single stoney dedecated some weeks of there lives, we could change the future, Im willing to drop evreything to change the place we live in.

    so whos with me? whos down for the revaloution

    we do it right we can give pot a damn good name.

    we should have a plan laid out, to show how it would actualy benifit the government to legalize it, tax may be involved. but how? clinics? when it would be in mass consumption that brings up, quality controll, and we dont want weed to be like cigs with all those chemicals and pestisides.

    and do countrys like amstredam tax the weed?

    and it is possible, we just have to do it, power in numbers, ill be there, ill get a hair cut and shave and buy a suite, and ill fast, and ill smoke, ill do whatever man but ill be there till they take me out.
    where here, were high, get used to it!
  2. either put down the bowl or the keyboard...

    all i got to say is good luck man...im not dedicated enough to weed to STARVE for it...thats too far....
  3. I can picture it now...
    Hunger strike then one hour later a huge smoke session. A few hours after that and everyone will have the munchies, thus ending the hunger strike.

    haha sorry, I just can't picture a bunch of stoners pulling it off.
  4. Without the hunger strike I would totally be with you man, I love this idea, happy that someone has put it out there! REP
  5. yeah and grizzly adams had a beard.....
  6. The best part will be when the cops show up in riot gear and start busting heads.
  7. grizzly adams DID have a beard.
  8. ^ haha yes he did sir.

    Yeah I can't wait till we all light it up and then the cops bust in and throw the tear gas and chaos ensues...

    Good idea tho...
  9. Hell, if you get something planed I know plenty of people willing to help out, I alone could start a website, myspace, and anything else computer related... I also have extensive training as a Cinematographer, for a PSA or two. Like i said, you get the ball rolling and we'll go from there.

    Lets Burn This Fucker Down!
  10. The Zillion Bong March- Keynote speakers to include, Mohandas Bongdi and Dr. Martin Luther Bong.

    "I too have dream... that one day, all of god's creations will play together in peace and harmony, The lion will lay down with the lamb, the conservatives will listen to the liberals, and the Cannabis plant will once again be used to its full potential, as medicine, food, clothing, energy, and for relaxational purposes, and so WE can SEE what GOD wanted us to BE."

    I visualize the audience silent at this point, being kind of high, and a lone voice in the back of the theater yells out, " Fuck Yeah, Dude"

  11. ya ya, Im ready, it could hurt, but we wont fight them, if they beat up a bunch of innocent stonners then they look bad.

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