We got anyone from dirty jersey?!

Discussion in 'General' started by ryan103, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. anybody? i need some buddies, im new to this damn state!
  2. Kill the cast of Jersey Shore and we might could hang.
  3. hahahah already did brotha!..na trust me its nothing like that down here:hello:
  4. haha yeeee dirty jersey
  5. yee son, you live in the dirty?!
  6. right next to in brick son
  7. home of the pork roll egg & cheese

    oh and dirty beaches, lotta those
  8. dude im in toms river your mad close! we should kick it
  9. gotta love jersey:D

  10. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
  11. i would but, i dont know, never met someone online befor so seems kinda sketchy, ya know
  12. hahaha yeah, i feel you im not no sketchball though hahaha
  13. Indeed it is dirty....New York trash receptacle

  14. all of them say that though hahahah
  15. new york is quite the dirty place too, but a sweet ass place:hello:
  16. Hey I wanna ask a serious question....being from Jersey how do you feel about Jersey Shore?? You realize the entire television watching world thinks of that dumbass show whenever anyone mentions Jersey now?
  17. fuck that show i live in toms river the closest town to that place! trust me they made the worst reputation for this place, i lived here growing up then moved to mass, now im back here, its no diffrent then it has ever been go on the shore they have like games in the arcade that you can kill snooki and shit, people hate those scum bags down here!
  18. but you have to realize, alot of people have been here before those fuckers, we dont care, we live our life's, its just like living anywhere else,i cant say those fuckers have crossed my mind once since i have been back
  19. Nope, I'm from clean jersey

    Nahh, I'm just trolling:laughing:
  20. what is this"clean" jersey you speak off:confused:

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