We got any classic Datsun Fans here? 510, 1600, 240z, 260z etc.

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  1. Hey folks. Big datto fan here, just wondering if there's any other fans about on this website.
  2. yeah. i only like the 510 tho.

    the rest of those are ugly.

    SR20 510 is the bomb diggity.
  3. Yeah I've got a 510, or a 1600 as they were badged here in oz. I've had shitloads over the years though including a mint 180b (610) and an sr20'd 200B SSS coupe (810).
  4. 510 fan and a 240 fan. ive always wanted one. but could never find one. i found a 240 last month but the guy wanted $3K and it was a P.O.S literally
  5. yeah, my bro had an '83 280zx, restored, repainted, reupholstered, etc. then he wrecked it :eek: From this: [​IMG]
    To this:[​IMG]
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    Sheeee Yit! hope hes not dead. I like the 240z's without the crome bumpers and with headlight covers or like the BRE racing one.
    Without the crome bumper
  7. yeah he survived (duh) coming out of it with only some scratches, bruises, etc. Talk about whiplash though? rolled the thing 4-5 times after he fell asleep at the wheel, and no he wasn't high, he actually doesn't drink nor smoke... just loves his naps :p

  8. $3K down here in Australia wouldn't even get you a totally rusted out 240z.
  9. true. my friend got his 240 for cheap and its got no rust on it. some people just get lucky
  10. Back in the days I had a Blue/White 1973 240Z. Stock the car ran like shit due to the new Japanese Solex Style Carbs. and crude pollution control devices. I decided to rebuild the engine with 3 2bl. Delorto Carbs, BRE Racing Cam, BRE Headers and Exhaust and reworking the head and suspension. It was a real rocket that could say goodbye to most Corvettes, BMW's and Muscle Cars from that era.:wave:
  11. V8 swapped 240z's are sweet. Even the RB26DET or SKYLINE engine swap is cool.
  12. Love Datto's :D Specifically 510, 240z, B210, 521, and 620 :p Unfortunately none of them are practical for what I need right now, but someday I would like to own a sweet 510. I have a 521 shell in the yard waiting for me to get more time and money, but is currently used as a hotbox :smoking:
  13. love me some 70's datsuns especialy 1200's



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